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Well, this is the year that Reel Fishing Adventures goes into retirement, as promised, earlier last year!  I do want to thank all of those faithful contributors from over the years who, as I did, tried to keep interest up in the sport of fishing and provide as up to date reports on the fishing as they could, you guys know who you are!  The website has been around since 2001 and provided thousands of reports over those years, and the feedback was almost always positive, I mean, have to have the odd whiner in everything these days!  The site itself will remain "on line" for some time yet, as that is just how the Internet works these days, so my rants other articles will remain in view for a while.  What will be deleted will be the actual fishing report articles, so your all gonna have to wing it on your own now!  For those that still wish to let me know how they're doing I'll be more than happy to keep in touch via the email, either through this site or else . There is no doubt I'll still have a few rants to put on the books before the lights go out, in fact, there will be a one on the new Twin Anchors docks over in Old Towne Bay!  Thanks again fishing dudes, we've had a good run!!  

Sherm aka The Fish Whisperer

Yup, still kicking!  I do have to say that this is the longest hyastis from fishing that I've ever had, ever!  Our housebuilding finally got underway and then I was blessed with a healthy dose of shingles!  So, that really put a damper on doing anything, and now, with sub zero temps and snow on the ground, my fishing for this year is pretty much done!!  I can say that over the last month or so that Marek has been out on OK Lk and been doing extremely well, like usual!  I will get back at it next year when we will hopefully be in our new house and I'll nothing but time to fish, in the meantime, the Mrs. and I are hunkering down in our 20' travel trailer for a good part of the winter, boo hoo for us!!  All the best!

Yes, we're still alive!  Lets just say our house building project has not progressed as we hoped, so, 3 months on the road and we're still homeless!  I will be back at the keys one of these days, once we get settled and I can get serious  about this fishing stuff again, in the meantime I've fished many a small lake and caught allot of fish, what can I say!  We're hoping this Fall will see us in our new abode, in the meantime, bear with me and I'll try and make up for it!  Sherm

17-06-16  Everywhere!
Well, we finally settled down in the Interior, OK, Kekuli campground at least!  We tried a number of lakes on "the other side" but needless to say we were thwarted by bad weather!  A couple days at Lac la Jeune were a bust, couldn't even have a nice fire because of the rain and wind.  So we moved over to Logan Lk for a night, beauty little lake, never stayed there before, great city campground.  Again, wind was the enemy and again, not even a campfire!
We then moved over to Kentucky Lk for a few nights to give that a whirl, I did manage to get out on the lake once in the Alumacraft, even the 45lb Minn Kota had a problem keeping the big 14'er in a straight line due to the wind.  I did get into a few fish while out there though, the Frog flatfish at 24' brought up a spunky 12" and once the wind was gale force I tried anchoring in a little bay right by the campsite.  Three bows in less than a half hour, all on a 52 drk green Buick, all on sinking line and always on the bottom, which was approx. 25' there.  Absolutely nothing taken on top.  One of the days we unloaded the kayaks and headed to the far end of the lake, it was a chore on occasion when those wind gusts would hit but we finally made it, and then coasted and fished on the way back.  The Mrs. had a couple fish on her line, Frog flatfish again with a 1/2 oz weight.
Just for shits and giggles we took the kayaks over to Allyene Lk and gave that a go.  The wind wasn't nearly as bad, sometimes, and although we travelled the entire lake neither of us had a bite.  Nice little lake though, we'll stay at this one next time and work it over properly.  We did spot some big fish in the shallows but they appeared to be pre spawn bows so we didn't hassle them, like some of the anglers from shore were doing!
A nice little drive around trip, just back recuperating from doing nothing and then we'll be on our way again!  Just like kids, no responsibilities for these old cones!!!!

17-06-07  OK Lake
Not fishing but observing, in all our lives, and we moved to Winfield in 1963, we have never seen the lake the way it is now at the OK Centre boat launch , just amazing!!  (photo)(photo) !

17-05-30  Summit Lake  
Well, the Mrs. and I are officially homeless!  Finally sold our house in Sicahole and are on the road for who knows how long, and who cares!!  We spent our first days of freedom up at Summit Lk, knowing that we didn't have to return to bills and yard work and real estate agents, it was like being a kid again with no responsibilities!!  Oh, so that's why those "homeless" like to be homeless!  I know, I'll get flak over that, whatever. 
Anyways, fishing was again great at Summit.  Out of our 4 days there I could only fish for two of them, got rained out on the other days, monsoon stuff.  And, out of those 2 fishing days I maybe put in a total of 6-8 hrs of fishing for a grand total of..................15-20 nice rainbows??  Nothing huge as usual, the fly would take smaller bows in close to shore while the spin cast on the rigger down at 25' brought in the 1.5 lbers steady.  A diet of gold or silver Lyman plug (2") or blu/chrome or Frog flatfish (2.5") fooled the fish every time!  We did get out on the kayaks a bit but occasionally got turned back to shore by bad weather, all in all a great trip to start a new change in life!!  Lots more lakes to come, even the bigger ones, once the restrictions come off of course.  I can only imagine that Shuswap Lk is a zoo with OK and Kal Lk's closed to power boats now, niceeeeeeeeeeeee!!

17-05-23  Lac la Jeune
We did a couple days at LLJ, our final day cut short with huge winds all day long and then snow (photo)!  The hours I did get to fish were actually quite productive and I caught more on the fly than on hardware for a change.  Using a green micro leech or a green Spratley, and working the dropoff zones produced 4 nice fish (photo) in just over an hour!  Pretty decent fishing!  I tried trolling various hardware stuff and the best rig was a small chrome flatfish which I trolled off the fly rod with sinking line.  I must say that the hits were pretty explosive from fish this size, allot of fun!  Pretty quiet on the lake for other anglers, I doubt if there were 10 other campers in the park so that meant minimal anglers on the lake.  All in all another grand trip, this lake is a definite "must do" over the summer, as the fish never seem to disappear! 

17-05-18  Gardom Lake
The Mrs. and I did a morning kayak on Gardom, beauty day out there.  Here's the secret to going fishing more guys, get your wife a kayak and let her paddle about whilst your ripping fish lips!!  Quite a few boats out, again, but not crowded.  The only crowded spot was where there were 8 bobber fisherman all in a small group, again, working fish down below!  I did see a few come in off the bobber so it without a doubt works, I just don't have that kinda patience to sit there for hours watching a blasa wood bobber!  We were out for about 3 hours and some of the boats never left the same spot, nah, not for me.
We cruised most of the lake, I did pick up 2 smaller rainbows on the fly, sinking line and a green Spratley fished down in that 10-15' range, off the dropoffs.  A few other tugs and that was it, great fish on the flyrod again though.  I was thinking, if its this busy now (both launches full of trucks!) what the heck is it gonna be like in the summer, yikes!!