5th Annual Reel Fishing Adventure's Derby
November 20 2011

A great turnout for this year's derby, 54 anglers signed up and paid, 5 more than last year!  Although we missed the snow and rain, had a taste of a little sunshine, we still had the wind plague us for most of the day, getting worse as the day went on.

For Bruce and I, an early start from Sicamous, on the road at 0500 and headed for the OK Centre boat launch.  Dave Ulvaan gave us fair warning prior to using this launch and his words echoed very loud when we arrived and saw what could only be referred to as a disaster!  With a southerly wind already making its way through the launch area, it not only made it hard to launch but just as tough to pull the boats up onto the shore, the wind and waves always moving them sideways.  What I can say is that Dave has sent letters in and this angler is also mounting an attack on whoever is responsible for this shoddy work of what used to be a beautiful launch site.   (Next Page)