Oak Bay Marine's "MV Salmon  Seeker", the Trip to Haida Gwaii!
Well, without a gracious invite by Dave Kimble, via the gracious invite to him by Oak Bay Marine Group, there would be no way that I would have been able to make such a trip.  It took me a good nanosecond to accept the invite when Dave sent it to my email.  I think the only reason it took that long is that I was dumbfounded as to the amazing offer to start with and it took a bit for my noodle to process it!

Oak Bay Marine Group operates several vessels that cater to the salmon angler, the MV Salmon Seeker is the one that lies at anchor in the far reaches of Kano Inlet, located on the west coast of Haida Gwaii.  The vessel has a whole history in itself but our guide Clay, says it used to be a Norwegian research vessel.  Whatever it was, Oak Bay has done a dandy job of converting it to suit the die hard salmon angler that demands not only luxury but the best fishing anywhere, bar none!  Just check their web site www.mvsalmonseeker.com, where they boast a 97% success rate for their anglers!

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