Color Sonar And More Power, Good or Who Cares!!!


Finally something new to talk about, and something all the guys like in their boats, electronics!!  I think sometimes (but not to often), that the only reason we buy bigger boats is to get bigger and more electronics and with that said, I went halfway there and just got bigger electronics!!

The Lowrance LCX-27c, and no, I had to buy the thing myself and got no "freebies" from Lowrance, not that popular a guy I guess!  The only reason, and the one I gave my wife, as to why I needed something new was, and no BS, the X71 kinda crapped out on me, it wouldn't shut off!  Sure, I could have sent it back (and will be) and got it fixed and yadda yadda but, what better reason than to get something newer!!  With the Canadian buck the way it is right now, you can't beat some of the deals down south but, after ordering my unit from Cabela's, my buddy Greg pointed me towards a place back East that sells for dang near the same price as Cabela's does!!  In fact, had I not had to pay the horrible freight rate it would have come out almost the same, try or, if you are in the States hit one of the new Cabela's stores just opening up in Post Falls, Idaho or Lacey, Washington.  No, I'm not getting any freebies from Cabela's either!!

The unit, and, as with most things in life, first impressions are usually the ones that last and my first impression of this unit (only had it out 3 times!), is nothing short of great, for what I use it for.  The first thing that blew me away was the clarity of what I was seeing down below, and although it took me a day to dial in "my stuff" in the manual mode, what a picture!  Oh ya, forget about that Auto mode stuff, as in the B & W you'll be picking up all kinds of stuff with this unit if not more and in fact, I've been picking up stuff wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy deep that I have no idea what it is, cold water or bait balls!  The big difference in this unit is the Sensitivity setting, the B & W was at max all the time whereas this unit is turned down a bit, 94% to be exact.  Full power just picks up to much stuff and with the addition of color your screen could look like this (photo) rather than the picture postcard perfect fish arches as shown in the pic at the top of the page!  The other feature on this unit is the Colorline, which on the B & W unit was the Greyline.  This mode however is turned up higher with the color than with the B & W, and when you find just the right setting the bottom detail is amazing, even at depths of 300'!  You'll wind up picking up images like this (photo) that you have no idea what it is!  The old B & W would reach down that far but the bottom would just show as that, bottom, where the color unit shows humps and bumps (some great underwater "mountains" for jigging!) and fish!!  This pic (photo) shows the two cannonball lines, shown as a solid black line, and two fish arches that are just about even with that bottom rigger line.  Although the B & W would probably have picked up the fish, that bottom hump would not have shown up as well, and any structure on a lake bottom is a fish attractor.  When marking fish on the sonar and your not getting hits, you'd best be changing up lures and speed on almost every pass over that area.  There's hardly any point leaving the same hook on you caught a fish on 2 days ago "just because" its your best hook!  The fish really don't care!

On a unit such as the LCX-27c there are just to many features to go through them all, some I probably would never use on inland lakes but, if you did coastal fishing, some of the features would no doubt be invaluable for safety reasons.  One of the other nice features on this unit which has the GPS system built in, is marking spots on the map that may be good for bottom fishing.  As out on the coast for halibut and stuff, our inland lakes hold nice burbot and lake trout down deep, and, if you happen to find a nice underwater "bump" like this (photo) that attracts fish, its always nice to be able to mark it on the GPS and the be able to go back to the exact spot again and again.  With the built in GPS there's never any guessing as to boat speed, its always on the screen via GPS (if you want it to be!) as is surface water temp and the miles you've traveled, just to name a few.  You can also split screen your map and sonar if you wish, and with the Ping/Hyperscroll feature you can actually see the bottom while traveling at speed.  Well, your supposed to be able to, I still couldn't get the unit to either show bottom or even show the depth, the screen just went all yukkk!  I have no doubt that transducer placement would make a big difference for this feature, on my boat its right in the turbulence near the surface at speed so it can't "see" through that.  On a boat with a deeper hull and the transducer also down deeper, you may be able to get away from this turbulence.

In any event, two thumbs up from the Captain on this unit.  Sure, its my first one like this and yes you could get a better one and spend 3 times as much money but, for us lowly guides who have to buy our own gear, this unit is all I need, for now!  Think about it next time you need a sounder AND actually get out more than once a month fishing, I do believe it could make a difference in how your fishing turns out!!

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