Accountability What??

 Life is an amazing journey, if we just look at what we go through in our every day lives.  As "things" happen to us or around us, they merely pass by like ships in the night, some, hopefully never to be seen again.  To me, its these "things" that make us who and what we are, and ignoring them or sticking ones head in the sand to avoid "things", is neither healthy, or right.

One of these "things" happened about 3 weeks ago when the wife and I were out on a leisurely cruise. OK, I was fishing and she was pretending to cruise.  We had decided to avoid the Dufus crowd (not all of you boaters!) that hang around the bay just outside of the channel and fish alongside the tracks, usually pretty tame.  It was just after lunch and seeing a few fish rising here and there Blampa decided to toss out a surface line for a change, not very often I do this at this time of year!  We were sticking pretty tight to shore and making the usual  "S" curves when a bow rider/wakeboard/ski boat passed us full tilt, on the outside of us and at a safe distance.  We noticed when it went by it had a Waterway sticker/advertisement near the stern.  Only one guy in the boat so we figured that maybe they were just taking it out for a test spin or something.  We kept on our course and Mr. Retired Policeman "observed" that this boat had stopped about a half mile from us and was checking something out under the hood.  It then started up and headed back towards us.

The wife and I couldn't believe what this idiot did next!  We weren't 100' from the shore line and just making a out turn when the boat went right between us and the shore at full speed!  I'm estimating 30-50' behind our boat.  I grabbed for the camera but of course at the speed this guy was going I couldn't get a shot when he was right behind us but did get a going away shot.  He no sooner passed the stern of our boat and my surface line got caught on his boat and zinnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg!  I jumped up and grabbed the rod out of the holder, I'm sure it would have bust in half if I didn't, and held onto the thing as the 300 yds of mono disappeared in mere seconds!  Dufus in the boat of course didn't stop, not even knowing (I don't think) or realizing what he did.  The hook finally tore off and I reeled in what was left of the line.  The reel? An Abu Garcia which I just got last year so was pretty much brand new, no drag left and the clicker pawl sounds like a diesel now!

So, on the phone right off the bat and I called the houseboat company and explained to the girl on the phone just what had happened.  What did she say?  "OK, I'll pass that on to the operations manager, thank you!"  She didn't ask for my name or my phone number, obviously trained to blow off such complaints with a pleasant voice and a quick hang up!  I then stated that perhaps perhaps she should take my name and number so that they could contact me with the "action taken".  At home a couple hours later and after I sent an email and pics to the company, I did get a call from the "acting" operations manager who told me he'd look into it and get back to me.  Never happened and I found out later that he no longer works there.

Long story short, nearly 3 weeks later and 2 other emails sent to the Operations Manager and not a peep!  Needless to say that's not  what I wanted to hear after returning home from a great salmon fishing trip so, time for the personal touch!  The wife and I drove to the houseboat companies yard, went to the front desk and asked for the Operations Manager.  Now, first of all, we shouldn't even have to have done this, but it was more than obvious that Waterway was blowing us off with our "complaint".  You know something, the guy (Operations Manager aka OM) didn't even have enough class to come up and meet with us about the complaint, we had to walk down to the loading dock and search for him!  This was even after the front desk girl told him we were coming down and "he'd watch for us". It took us about 15 minutes of asking other dock crew who or where he was!  His attitude when we finally found and spoke to him?  Didn't give a rat's ass and was obviously more interested in his paying customers.  You want to talk about an unprofessional representative of the company, in my opinion, that's what he was.  He said he had read my emails but never got back to me and that the boat wasn't theirs but leased out or something by some ski rental place, whatever.  He couldn't care less that the Waterway name was on the boat and their advertising represented their company.  He continually said they had nothing to do with it and weren't responsible for any damages and to go talk to the ski boat rental place.  The other brilliant suggestion he had was to go and report it to the RCMP in town, ya, that's gonna get some action!  No reg number off the boat, no ID of the driver and, when the hell would the RC's get their boat out there to investigate it!  Hey bud, been there done that thank you very much!

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