Another "No Brainer" Tip, a Boat Cover!

Sometimes, but not very often, I simply amaze myself with the stuff I can come up with on short notice!  Firstly, with this "tip" I have to admit that I saw such an apparatus on a Hewes that was on Shuswap Lk..  I wondered what the hell he had stuck onto his boat but after seeing it parked at the dock I actually figured it out on my own, or at least I think I did.

Nothing fancy, nothing expensive but it sure works great and saves me alot of time dunging the snow outta the boat and, it keeps the boat well aired.  What am I talking about, well my fancy dancy boat cover made out of vacuum tubing and a "on sale" tarp from Princess Auto.  Total cost, about 50 bucks!

I simply glued the tubing together, one solid pipe that goes the length of the boat, putting a "T" connection in it to join the two uprights onto it that holds the entire thing on the boat.  The two upright pieces of tubing are held onto the boat by a rod holder at the stern and the seat post at the bow.  For those that don't have such attachments  I'm sure something simple could be figured out.  That's it!  Make sure you buy one of the lightweight tarps to put over the piping, it makes it easier to pull it on and off.