The Art of Bullying

A recent phone call and emails with threats have brought me to the computer to give my side of the story.  For those not in the loop, during the last fishing derby, there was a discrepancy over the length of a fish that was awarded a prize.  The length required to win the  prize in the Hidden Length category was 19 1/2", a length predetermined by me, the organizer of the derby.  The person who said they had the 19.5" fish showed me the fish on his digital camera at the derby to verify the length. At the time the lighting was such that it was hard to see (and I mentioned this to the angler at the time) the picture on the LED screen but it looked like 19.5" and I trusted the angler (whom I had just met for the first time!) and awarded him the prize.

A few days after the derby the anglers that won prizes were sending in the pictures of their fish on a HARD ruler as per derby rules, and then I got the picture in question of the Hidden Length fish.  To me, the picture indicated that the fish was not measured properly, as per the derby rules, besides the fact that it was on a tape measure and not a hard ruler.  This is a fun derby and with no one else having the right length I "bent" my rules a bit and just wanted someone to win the prize that had the correct length of fish.  Below is the picture of the fish in question:

I contacted the RCMP after receiving the threatening phone call and the emails and they did speak to the person in question about the alleged threats.  During my time with the RCMP I was put in just such a position many times and realize that sometimes, you wind up being more of a mediator than a policeman, and in this case that is basically what happened.  Don't get me wrong. no fault towards the RCMP, they can only deal with what they have at the present time however, if something occurs after they speak with that person in question then they may have more to go on and even enough to forward to a Crown Prosecutor with respect to charges.  What really bothered me after speaking with the Member who had spoken to the person in question, was that there was no mention whatsoever of an apology from the person in question but, just a further threat that if anything was posted on this website that he would carry thorough with his threats!

In school, we teach our kids these days that bullying is wrong, and it has to be reported.  The person that is doing the bullying must be taken to task and "straightened out" or that person would face the consequences with respect to any laws against such an act.   Did you know that adults can be bullied too?  The phone call and the emails are nothing short of being something from a bully, I don't know how else to explain it.  When an authority such as the RCMP speaks to someone about such an incident and the response is that they will still continue on with the bullying unless the person they are bullying doesn't comply with their wishes, what else can it be!  I have not "slammed" this person in any of my conversations with him, via phone or email, yet he would accuse me of ruining his integrity???  To me, someone with integrity would have said "Ya Sherm, I guess I measured it wrong, sorry, here's the prizes back.".  But no, instead, I am met with threats and unfounded accusations, and I will not be bullied!

With respect to the RCMP investigation, I did agree to a compromise though, that is the true meaning of integrity.  I am not out to slam anyone or degrade anyone as they are trying to do to me, so I have told the RCMP that I am still posting the offending emails BUT, I am leaving out the persons name and email address.  I have no doubt the person in question has started his slamming of me and so be it, but if he does carry out the threats he has mentioned or any other ones, the RCMP will again be involved and so will my lawyer, who has also received a copy of the offending emails.  These are not threats but simple facts.  The emails posted here have only been altered by deleting the subjects name and email address, and are in the order they were sent....Sherm


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1.   From: ________

To: 'Reel Fishing Adventures'


Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2012 8:58 PM

Subject: RE: Char Derby

Hi Sherm,

 ______with a __ here. Good meeting you this afternoon.     Thanks for the great co-ordination and all your hard work that you put into the fishing derby! Very well attended and organized too.

 ____    and I caught lots of trout, had a blast, and got prize to boot.  I like the way you set it up so that nearly everyone won something.

2......From: Reel Fishing Adventures []
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 1:10 PM
To: _____
Subject: Re: Char Derby

Glad you enjoyed yourself _____, thats the whole purpose behind the derby. Can you get me your picture of your winning fish and any others you might want to send, thanks.....Sherm

3....From: _____

To: 'Reel Fishing Adventures'

Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 3:31 PM

Subject: RE: Char Derby


Regards, ______

4....From: Reel Fishing Adventures []
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 3:56 PM
To: _____
Subject: Re: Char Derby

Well, between you and me you actually didn't have the hidden length! You measured from the tip of the tail, its supposed to be from the fork of the tail to the nose and on a hard ruler, not a measuring tape. Not much we can do about it now....Sherm

5....From: _____________________
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 5:03 PM
To: 'Reel Fishing Adventures'
Subject: RE: Char Derby

Granted I should of used a hardboard instead of the tape as the tape also has a 3/4” downward hook on it which distorts the measurement photo a little. If you would have said something when I showed you the two photographs including zooms, I could have brought the fish over to you for further verification. Also if you look at the lower tip of the tail, it’s in-line with the fork even if I took the measurement from the tip instead of fork, which of course I didn’t........______

6.....From: _________

To: 'Reel Fishing Adventures'

Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 5:41 PM

Subject: RE: Char Derby


If you had any doubts, this is what you would have seen (upper ruler), as I did, if the measuring tape was laying flat down instead of being ¾” elevated in the photo! If there was an entry closer to the hidden weight prize than this one, then please provide his or her name and address and I’d be more than happy to send by Canada Post the $80 cash prize and two bottles of wine to them instead!

Regards,  ______________

7.....From: Reel Fishing Adventures []
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: Char Derby

Well I'm not going to argue with you about it ____, that accomplishes nothing. Unfortunately trying to look at a LED screen in the light we had at the launch is not that easy and I trust people when they tell me something. Even in the picture you have attached it looks to me like the tip of the tail is "scrunched" a bit and not straight like the other tip is. The rule for the derby was a hard ruler and measured from the fork to the nose, thats it. I didn't keep all the other fish measurements for who caught what, so I have no idea if someone would have been closer. What would have happened at the derby is if no one had the hidden length then the prize would have gone into the draw system.....Sherm


To: 'Reel Fishing Adventures'

Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 6:55 PM

Subject: RE: Char Derby

Well if you trust people as you say, when they tell you something.... why doubt me! I take exception to That Sherm!

With what you seen including zoom-up close-ups (and you took a real careful look at the time), you should have requested my fish for further verification if you would have had any doubts.

And, you’re not suggesting I purposely "scrunched" the tail for the photo op, are you? Give me a break!


ps: You shouldn’t question a man’s integrity, over nothing, especially after the fact, for a local fishing derby!


9.....From: Reel Fishing Adventures []
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 8:02 PM
To: ______
Subject: Re: Char Derby

One last email _____ and this will be the end of it. I did trust you and as I said on the phone but looking into your viewfinder was not all that clear, so I did take you at your word and still do, this has nothing to do with you integrity. I'm also not saying you "scrunched" the tail JUST for the photo op, a simple mistake if in fact that is what happened. And lastly, if your opinion is that a local fishing derby is nothing, that is to bad, because it is extremely important for our fishing industry to have such outings and get others interested and involved in the sport, simple as that. With respect to my posting something on my web site, I would only do so to get the opinions of other anglers whether or not they felt the picture in question should be valid, that is all. No threats implied, just a honest way to get something resolved. However, your threat of a "sign war" is truly out of line for a business person, that would be degradation of ones integrity, and a very poor manner in which to treat a fellow angler and someone who did and still does trust you.....Sherm

10.....From: ______
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 8:44 PM
To: 'Reel Fishing Adventures'
Subject: RE: Char Derby

Well like I said, the 2 bottles of wine would taste sour to me given you’ve questioned my integrity and measurements you seen and verified and after the fact. You want to hang out you’re misguided ego-boosting shingle with your following as you’ve threatened, then I’ll hang out mine! And all around just like you with you’re internet threat posting, but nice and close to home and personal! I’ve got you’re picture too! You want to fuck with me and make this into something asshole (you take yourself far too seriously)....just try! I’d be more than happy to accommodate you any day of the week!

From: _____

To: 'Reel Fishing Adventures' <>
Subject: RE: Char Derby

You want to screw with me Sherm...then this is a sample of what you’ll get, full color prints nailed to telephone poles everywhere in your area, but professionally/nicely done....I’ll do more research on you too!That is unless I hear a sniff from ANYWHERE/ANYONE that you bad-named me in anyway whatsoever, including your web site. Like I stated, show me a closer trout to the hidden length prize and I’ll send it to them! But you don’t have one, do you? Otherwise I’ll make you a special project of mine!!! Check me out! You’ll see I’m not kidding! I don’t care if you’re ex-rcmp, I don’t like self-proclaimed power wielding ego-centric pretenders like you pulling a power trip on me and my fishing partner and others! I’ll be more than happy to accommodate you if you wish! At least I have the guts to confront you and your ego bullshit by phone with you personally, instead of the too-often misleading emails that go sideways, like yours obviously did!!! Are you into the hooch or something?

This is the poster that was sent to me, attached to the a/m email, minus my picture:

There you have it, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  For me, the matter is now closed, unless of course further action is taken by this person.  He has had his say and I've had mine, back to fishing................Sherm