Auto Sol Your Boat!

I know this isn't a huge priority out there for most anglers but, if your in the process of doing a bang up job on your boat during a clean up session, why not put a wee bit more effort in and do this.  Remember when you bought the boat, say, when it was brand new and show room condition.  Remember how them shiny metal parts just seem to sparkle in the sun and you could have even shaved in the reflection 'cause it was so shiny?  Well. glory be, there is a product out there that can restore that spiffy shine that used to be on some of your metal fixtures.  I've tried all kinds of goop out there, jewelers rouge, Brasso, SilverShine blah blah, none of them come close as to what a tube of Auto Sol can do.  I first "discovered" this stuff when I bought my first truck, a '64 Chev 1/2 ton for $550.00.   Ya, I know, long time ago!  I "found" a neato set of Thrush Outsider exhaust pipes for the truck but they were aluminum and looked in pretty tough shape.  Luckily, the wife, who was my girlfriend then, loved me so much that she offered to help polish them up with some Auto Sol. And, they looked better than new when she, I mean we, were done.  It takes a little elbow grease but the end result is well worth it.  Once your done getting the shine back, use a little Toluene to get the surface clear of any residue and then put a coat of wax on it, spiffy spiffy!  Here's a couple before and after pics and, note that the boat was given a good washing before hand but did nothing for the stainless steel rail on the bow or the tie down cleats: