The Barkley Sound Connector!
My fishing partner, Greg, and I had a vote about whether to go back to Nootka this year or try something different.
 Needless to say he lost as usual and the trip we had was possibly the best to date.  It's always a crap shoot when trying a new area for salmon fishing, with the areas so vast and weather/water conditions always a major factor.  However, with a little bit of info about the area from Greg's brother and also from Marek, we chose to sit our butts at Poett Nook this year.

Poett is a scant 60 km drive up the Alberni Inlet from Port Alberni, on a gravel road.  The only condition I gave my buddy for the trip was that it was going to be his truck/camper and boat, because with the stories I heard about this road there was no way in hell I was gonna wreck my stuff!!  The trip to Poett was in fact uneventful and after talking to some of the locals that stay year round there, the road has never been better.  One fella said that 2 years ago you'd be lucky to travel 10 kms an hour the whole way, due to the huge pot holes and washboard.  Other than a wee dusty the road was in pretty good shape for us, even with Greg driving!  

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