Boat Boots!


Ya, I know, kind of a boring topic but, I'm kinda happy with my new purchase of these boots!  Although I never planned on using them as boat boots they have turned out to be "the thing" to wear, especially in the fall or spring wet times.

OK, you look at these fine Bogs boots and go "what's so special"?  Well, I guess the big feature of them is that they are neoprene, and not your usual rubber boot.  What does that mean?  Well, as a retired Police Diver I can say that the neoprene provides a layer of insulation that a normal rubber boot doesn't.  Ya, I know, your gonna say that some rubber boats do come with insulation in them and that's true, but I don't think they are as pliable or flexible as these boots are.

What all this means is extreme comfort in any kind of weather, and from a guy that froze both his feet many moons ago, this is especially important.  I put a mesh insole into the boot, a pair of good wool socks and my feet are good down to -10 in these babies!  The other thing I really like about boots such as these is that it makes it a helluva lot easier for launching the boat!  No more dicking around while standing on the trailer tongue, now I just go into the water and do what I have to, what a treat!

If you were looking for a safety factor, these boots have a very aggressive tread on them so traction on ice and snow is great.  Then there is always that "what if" factor, such as "what if" you fell overboard!  Ya, most anglers would say they're gonna drown however, I'm much more optimistic and say "I'm living" and swim for it.  Ever try to swim with big clunky boots on??  I have and it doesn't work!  These boots, slip them right off  while bobbing in the water.  As well, they could make a great life preserver!  Take these boots off, flip them upside-down and push them into the water and put them under your armpits.  Because they are waterproof they trap air in them and can act like a PFD, which by the way, you should be wearing anyways!

Anyways, just another Xmas thought, always nice to get fishing stuff under the tree and, these work just as great for you hunting guys!  Merry Xmas!