Carbon What??

I know, everyone would find it hard to believe when I say "I honestly don't know where to start with this!" , but, I'll give it a try anyways!  I suppose what put me over the deep end was this Gov't cheque we received yesterday, titled a "Climate Action Dividend",  what the hell is that!  Our Province spent $400 million dollars on this, and for what?  To make it look like we really aren't paying more for gas in the long run?  I'd rather have seen them put that 400 mill into the Children's Hospital and get those kids in for surgery that are on a waiting list!  I know I'm getting on in years but I'm really having trouble understanding this entire "greenhouse gas" BS that the environmentalist tree hugger earth muffin cloud counting spotted owl petting types are dumping on us all!  Hey, I'd be the first guy in line to try and stop those tick turds that are tossing cigarette butts into MY lakes or chucking plastic bags and bottles into the water but really, "carbon footprint", sounds like you stepped in some other stuff to me!

Sooooooooo, I'm far from being any road scholar, after all, it took me 13 1/2 years just to finish Grade 12 for god's sake!  What the hell do I know!  Well, lets see.  According to my school teachings, way back when, the earth was actually a ball of ice.  In fact, there weren't nothing living around these parts, until the ice started to melt.  Hey, isn't that what its still doing today?  I'm not sure but, I believe that is what cut out our valleys and gave us lakes and stuff like that, huge glaciers that cut out the land and then melted.  I guess thats possible and  I may have missed part of the entire class on that topic, but I know it was something like that.  Soooooooooo, what's different today then?  Obviously the dinosaurs are hooped and we're burning up their remains in our vehicles as fossil fuels...................sooooooooo, its the dinosaurs fault that we are polluting the earth!  Isn't that the way it works now a days, we have to blame someone else for our own misgivings.  A perfect example are smokers,  puffing away (and polluting!) for years on the good old nicotine bon bons and then pooooooof, lung cancer!  What do they do? Try and sue the tobacco manufactures for their own stupidity!  Ya I know, I digress, again, but the stupidity of man sure pisses ya off!  Back to the glaciers!

Sooooooo, this green house gas thingy stuff.  Isn't that the stuff that put a huge hole in our ozone layer and was allowing to much "sun stuff" (only Grade 12 remember!) to come through and fry our noodles?  So, why is it then, that the "hole" is actually getting smaller now.  That's right, all the hoopla years ago about that big jesus hole that was going to swallow the earth, is now "healing" itself?  I have no idea why, and, to be honest, don't really care at this point. When you hear stuff like this it just gets your back up more and we assume someone with brains was again just lying to the everyday common person, which by the way, includes me.  I actually thought the big hole up there was a good idea, because it'd let out all the hot air/gas out that was causing the problem, and now its closing!  Geeeeeez, the damned ice is gonna melt more!  I just wish the "experts" would make up their minds as to what the problem really is (maybe they've got to much hot air/gas in their own hole!) and start telling the truth.

Sooooooooo,  what about our filthy polluting vehicles and boy toys.  According to the experts, again, we should cut back on the use of our vehicles or, even get rid of one if at all possible, to assist in reducing that carbon thing.  I never realized that us getting rid of the Mazda would save the world.  Good god, what were we thinking when we bought the thing, better gas mileage?  What a false thought/hope that was!  OK, so lets go big here and say that 20,000 people in Canada get rid of one vehicle, is that gonna save the earth?  How about getting rid of 100,000, that gonna help?  No, its not, but the "experts" would say, "well that's a start.".  That BS pile is just getting bigger and bigger!  And speaking of BS and other excrement,  I read a study not to long ago (and unfortunately deleted it!) that said that animal ka ka, such as found on cattle ranches, was responsible for 18% of those bad green house gases!  I guess we're gonna have to install Hepe filters on all the animals petooteys to reduce that!  Looks like maybe our Mazda isn't  that bad after all.  Here's another tidbit for ya, another study but actually more of a fact. We have more millionaires in Canada than ever before, bound to happen I guess with the lotteries and stuff nowadays.  The interesting fact is this, out of all the millionaire types that were spoken to about this carbon thingy, none of .... 

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