Circle Hooks

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't used these critters to much in my fishing "career" but, we allCircle hook on the bottom, just a bit more curve in it.can learn from using new stuff and actually putting it to the test.  I've been going to longer lines and with that the use of braided lines, to get a better hook set because of the amount of line out.  Braided line definitely makes a huge difference for getting a good hook set but, there's always that long line release thing that happens when that beauty fish is dancing on the surface, 300' or more behind the boat!  So, tired of losing those fish I went back to the tackle box and dug out a pack of Gamagatsu circle hooks.  You know what, they do work!!  Back when I originally bought these hooks I was still long lining but with mono line, and there was just to much stretch to get a good set but, braided line has removed some of that problem.  The difference from normal hooks is that even though the "circle" part of the hook is only slightly shorter than a circle hook, it's this longer "circle" that holds the fish on and supposedly, "sets" itself.  These hooks have a real thin, needle sharp point, so its extremely important this is kept in that condition.  Without that sharp point it would make it that much more difficult to get this kind of hook set, whereas on a normal hook a dull point could still be forced to hook up.  It has been said, in fact, that you don't even have to set the hook once a fish is on, and that the fish does this itself while its struggling to get free.  Now, I'm not sure if they work that good, but I can honestly say is, that on the long line (braided) that I use, the hook has stayed in the fish rather than be thrown out.  I'll even go a step further and say that I've stuck a few circle hooks on other lures that I use on short lines behind the rigger, just to see if in fact they work as well!  They are worth a try, especially if your like me and are tired of seeing the bend in the rod disappear as that huge fish throws yet another hook.  A cheap fix for a big problem!