Common Sense Gone Awry!

A recent trip to the boat launch had me shaking my head, again, about our local District Councils logic, or lack thereof.  I went through this same scenario a couple of years ago when they never used to even plow the launch, let along clean it up properly.  The logic of not plowing it entirely seems to have been transferred to our new Council, unfortunately!  I actually thought things were pretty good this year with the launch's status but something's changed.

What they are doing, or not doing, is plowing the snow from the launch right into the water.  What this does is leave a nice berm (photo) (photo) right at the waters edge.  Now, while this might not seem much of a problem to the non angler, for us guys launching a boat it can mean broken tail-lights, bent license plates, torn out wiring or just plain getting stuck!  I was fortunate enough this day that it was fresh snow and fairly loose so the trailer broke through the berm with no problem, well, other than my plate being bent in half, again!  What floors me is why they do such a good job of plowing it, sanding it, and then leave the stupid pile of snow at the bottom.  I remember in previous years I always had a shovel in my truck to dig out a spot to get the boat through.

OK, the logic behind this, well, there is none, is this.  A few years back when I brought up this "problem" with the District I was told that it is illegal to dump the snow from the parking lot into the water.  The reason is because of all the crap that's collected from the asphalt, plus the salt that's dumped on the road, is then thrown into the lake/water system.  How moronic is that!  I took one of the Councilors down to the launch the one time and pointed out stuff like this (photo) and this (photo), which are from this year.  Where the hell do you think all that melted snow is going to go to!  I hardly think MOE is going to jump all over you when you "flick" a bit of snow into the water, give me a break!  I'm not 100% sure but I believe there is a requirement to have such a launch open 24/7 for emergency use, and that would include those frigging berms.  Once they freeze up its darn near impossible to get a boat in or out, and they take forever to melt down, INTO THE LAKE!!!

Our tax dollars recently paid for this bad boy (photo) to clear our streets in the winter.  With a 25' blade out front and a boom that reaches almost across the channel, I would think you could push that snow right out into the current and let it drift away, I won't tell!  I guess this is what happens when your the only guy around that goes fishing in the winter.  I sure hope they don't have a family emergency that requires a boat launch and they waste valuable time getting the ramp plowed properly so they can use it.


February 8 2011

Soooooooooooooooo, I figured to try another day out at the lake but, had a brain fart and decided to go check the launch first.  We had a pretty good dump of snow a couple days ago so rather than load everything up best to check it out first.  Yup, this time, 3 1/2' high wall of snow, 6' long and right across the bottom of the ramp!  I took these pics (photo) (photo) right to the District office, which was closed but, a nice young lady came to the door and took my complaint.  That and a email sent off to the District as soon as I got home.  I know lots of folks think this is pretty trivial stuff but, what does it take to do the job properly.  If they don't want to push the snow into the lake then back blade the launch, that sure is difficult!  I guess I'll have to go and show the operators how to do it so they know better in the future!   Sherm