Something new to me but maybe not new to other anglers that use downriggers with Dacron line.  I've been using Dacron for some years now, its OK, I guess, I personally don't see any big difference in maintenance or in its ability to catch more fish. I must say that it is quieter than the old stainless steel was, you don't get the "hummmm" that the steel had.  What I just started to use are what Scotty advertises as Auto Stop Beads.  The "regular" beads that you use for steel line are the same size and do the same job of stopping the ball at a predetermined height but, do not work that well on the Dacron downrigger lines.  The reason is simple, Dacron is much more slippery than the steel and the steel bead stops will not stay where you put them on the Dacron line!  I'm sure many anglers out there have cursed, quite loudly, when the bead got caught on the pulley wheel and then the entire setup would go crashing into the wheel because the downrigger did not stop running!  Lost line clips and even the balls is not an uncommon occurrence when this disaster happens. I haven't lost my balls yet, but I have lost a few line clips from just this problem.

 Enter Scotty's beads specifically for braided lines, and they work!  Also throw in the fact they are pretty cheap, a little over four bucks for the package, and no more lost clips and balls, its a win win!  I know, some are saying "I've been using those for years, get with it Sherm!" and that's OK, because I should get with it. I've known about these wee beasties for some time but just keep forgetting to pick them up, but now I'm one of the boys!  The only thing that makes them work is that the Dacron line is threaded through the bead more than what the steel line beads had.  That's it, just a little more gripping power is all it takes, good on Scotty to figure the problem out quickly.

Also, don't be throwing out the old steel line beads!  Another problem you can have with Dacron line is that when you pull up on your rod to release the line from the clip, sometimes it doesn't release.  So, you pull again, and again, and hopefully it finally releases. What you have done with all the pulling is move your line clip up further on the Dacron line than where you set it when you put it down.  What does that mean??   That means that when you bring the ball up, that clip is going to crash into the pulley wheel and you'll probably loose it, that's all!  The solution?  Well, if your  cheap like me, use the beads from the steel line and put one of them where you would clip your line release.  Make sure the clip is right below that bead.  There you go, you can now pull away and your release clip will stay in place!  Now, you can use the Dacron beads for this as  well, but I just figured I had the steel ones left over so used them instead . I have fairly thin diameter Dacron (175lb I believe) so you can also alleviate some problems with the heavier Dacron rigger line that is available,  the heavier line having more grip due to its bigger diameter.   There you have it, doesn't get much easier or cheaper...