Do You Know Where Your Nipples Are?

These things are as overlooked as are the wheel bearings on the trailer.  So much in fact that some guys wonder why the leg on their motor is squeaking and creaking or doesn't seem to be as smooth as when the motor was new.  Easy answer is you've forgotten to look after your nipples!

Every motor is different as far as how many or where the grease nipples are located, on my Yammy I've found 6 that require grease.  I do them once a year, usually in the spring, and you'd be surprised at how quickly they can dry out.  Up until this spring I only had 5 nipples but, after a very close inspection and cleaning up some gukk around the transom area, I found another nipple that had been painted over right from the factory!

There's not much point in showing pics of everywhere that I have my nipples, like I said, each motor can be different.  There is one on the main leg area, it greases the shaft that controls the motor when it turns from left and right.  You'd think there would be more than one in such a crucial area but that's all that I could find.  I pump the grease in until all the water comes out of the shaft (top or bottom) and fresh grease is showing.  There may be a seal here that I'm overpressureing by squirting the grease through but I'm not about to leave water in that shaft all the time.  Two of the other nipples can only be serviced by lifting the motor all the way up, these grease the rod that supports the motor in this particular movement.  Three other nipples are right on top of the bracket that attaches the motor to the transom, and they grease the rod that steers the motor.  I pump enough grease in all of these so new grease squirts through, then I just clean the excess up.  By the way, never hurts  to leave a little of that grease "hanging around".  On occasion I use it to grease up the steering control rod that goes from the big motor to the kicker.

A little grease goes a long ways so make a point of doing this service every year, can save you alot of problems down the road when something breaks!  OH, don't bother having a look in the manual for these, I couldn't find them even in the big service manual I have for the motor!