Does Court Matter?

 Being a retired RCMP Member one would hope that I have and always have had, total confidence in our judicial system.  Give your head a shake and go take another look at who is saying that in the mirror cause it ain't me!  In this day and age when someone like Karla Homolka can apply for a pardon it is still in a sad state and will be forever with the bleeding hearts we have in charge of things.  Between her and mass murderer David Shearing looking for parole, its a wonder our country isn't run by criminals.........................................wait a minute!

I'm off subject here, hard to believe I know.  I've had this newspaper clipping for a bit now and found it stuffed under a bunch of other stuff I should be writing about but anyways, better late than never.  If you look back at my rant about the Old Town Bay development (When Progress Actually Means Going Backwards!) it'll fill things in for those of you new to this site.  It had to do with a huge proposed waterfront development by Twin Anchors Houseboat company here in Sicamous.  It has now gone to court and fines levied for the damages caused to "fish habitat".

What I find interesting in all of this is the simple fact that they hadn't even started destroying the lake itself, with the development of their marina and dock systems.  I suppose from a law perspective they hadn't started them yet so they could hardly charge them for something they hadn't done.  So the big question is still, how they hell did they get as far as they did and with permission from the local District!  I think we know how, it all boils down to who is greasing who's palm and what money  the District can get out of such developments. The promise of a public boat launch in this case was all it took to get papers signed but, no proper parking, which is what we already have at the main public launch.

And, if you think the Twin Anchors development was amazing, the District just passed approval for the Waterways Houseboat's development out at 2 Mile!  We're talking a kazillion dollar development, right on top of a major lake trout spawning area and a very important sockeye spawning stream!  I spoke to a buddy of mine today who said he drove by where they had the town meeting, there was barely a half dozen cars out front and the meeting had already started.  What that tells me is that people have given up on bashing their heads against brick walls in an attempt to save things, such as our waters.  I don't mean groups like SWAT or Friends of Mara but, everyone has to admit it does get tedious when dealing with the bureaucratic bull every time we try to help out with something.  As with the Twin Anchors proposal, Waterways has also promised a public boat launch at their site.  Ya, just like the one they had had their last place of business, no room to even launch and less room to park!   See the following page for the clippings...................(Next Page)