Dope For Doper's By Dope's

I'm afraid the latest blah blah from Justin Trudeau has led me once again to the computer and another rant, one that's been coming for some time.  The fact that he has come out and admitted to smoking the magical herb (marihuana- marijuana-reefer-grass-MaryJane) is not that unusual, but doing it as an MP and at his house during a barbecue with friends is totally wrong!  If it weren't for him "riding on his Father's coat tails" the guy would probably be a fashion model for K-Mart!  OK, on to the rant.

First of all, I'm not trying to be "holier than thou" in this blurb, ya, sure, I had a joint or two back in the day, good god I was 16 years old and it was the '60's!  In all honesty if I smoked a half dozen fatties I'd be very surprised, the crap we had back then was nothing but stems and seeds and kept blowing up in our face's and burning holes in our clothes!  Also, I never bought the stuff myself, couldn't be bothered wasting money on it.  I was a beer guy then and am a beer guy now.  Even when I went in for my RCMP interview, the interviewer asked me if I tried the stuff and I honestly told him "yes" but, that I preferred a belly full of beer as compared to my lungs full of crap!  The stuff is illegal folks, and don't give me the line "well alcohol is a drug and everyone drinks it!!" but, it's legal bad stuff, and we certainly don't need another bad legal drug polluting our precious air space.

At a time when the Federal Government is trying to crack down on cigarette smoking because of the associated risks, then there are MP's such as Trudeau and many other politicians that are trying to legalize marihuana, I don't get it.  When we have so many problems with alcohol related issues, not just medical and mental, but others such as impaired driving, spousal abuse and assaults, we want to legalize another drug???  Really??  What the hell are you guys smoking, obviously some of your own product!  The only reason those in government want to legalize it is to tax the living crap out of it and help reduce their deficit's, and that's it.  I always remember the old story when I was on Highway Patrol and writting speeding tickets, the whiners would say it was "just a cash cow!" well, open your eyes people, here's a drugged up cow!  Does anyone with half a brain (and I include doper's in this) actually think, that if its legalized, and its sold in liquor stores or where ever, that any of the "user's" will actually buy the crappy government weed when it'll be less than half the potency of the home grown variety, and, it'll cost more due to the taxes on it!  Hello, is anyone listening!  Do you actually think the Hell's Angels are going to go and buy 100 kg of fine government grown BC bud  so they can continue trading with the Mexican drug cartels for cocaine as they've been doing??  Jesus, the Mexicans would be getting shot by their own people if they tried selling our government pot down south, come on!

Does this guy look normal to you, the self righteous King Of Pot as he's been labeled.  Is this who you want living next door to you and having a big "smoke in" with a bunch of dopers like him, puffing away!  I don't mind the smell of a good steak being barbecued on the neighbors grille but I certainly don't want to smell the stench of rotten cabbage coming out of this guys noodle, give me a break!  Have you had a good look at the folks that are at those "smoke ins", is that all normal to you?   I'm sure Mr. Emery will be buying the legal stuff, ya, sure, considering he just got sent up to Canada from the States for selling marihuana seeds "on line", oh ya, right, he'll keep it legal.  About as legal as all the legally licensed medicinal marihuana grow ops in the Province of B.C..  Do you know there was a guy in Chilliwack who got busted for having to many plants for his own personal "medical" consumption?  He had something like 250-300 plants growing in his house, whereas he's only supposed to have a dozen or something like that.  His excuse was "well man, how am I supposed to pay for the $3000 a month hydro bill if I don't sell a little weed on the side!", really, legal trafficking now, this is what its come to??

The excuse that prohibition did not work for alcohol is true, but its here and its here to stay, and legalizing weed is not going to make it easier for Police or for the general public to deal with.  I can go to a beer garden and have a frosty pop or two and I'm OK to drive (I know, I've run myself on the breathalyzer!) and, me drinking a beer DOES NOT bother other patrons at the beer garden.  Now throw in the scenario of a table full of doper's all striking up a few joints and are toast after a couple of drags from it.  That's what I want, second hand dope smoke that's going into my lungs and then my drug stream so when I get stopped by the police and have to explain the marihuana smell on my clothes and then I get taking in for blood testing for drugs! Then these same doper's are climbing into their vehicle and sparking up another "roady" and on their way!  It's to easy a drug to use anywhere, here's a case in point.  We were camping at OK Falls campsite this year, beside us, a young couple set up their tent, I will say that they looked somewhat "wasted" when I first saw them.  They disappeared into their tent for a while and came out a short time later with a crying baby, probably a year old.  The guy walked around the campsite like a soldier with this crying baby in his arms, no attempt on his part to try and console the poor little thing, and then disappeared back into their tent.  The next morning I was up bright and early and the girl was standing outside of the tent, she looked like she was going into withdrawal of some sort, the guy shows up with a pipe, sparks it up, they both take some huff's on it and they're all fine, at 0600 in the morning and a baby sleeping in the tent!!  Ya, cause that's normal too!

IMHO anyone who wants to legalize this stuff is as big a dope as those using it.  Just like the safe injection site they have in Vancouver, its just plain wrong.  The plan of writing tickets for simple possession, sure, the Police are busy these days, so seize the stuff the person has and hand out a hefty fine that has to be paid by cash or some other means of guaranteeing its paid, such as putting the fine on your car insurance or driver's licence.   Justin Trudeau says that legalizing with make it easier to keep it out of the hands of the young kids, where the hell do you think they're getting it now!!  Geeez, are you daft, they'll still get it from whatever drug dealing piece of human excrement that's out there!  All Trudeau is trying to get is the young peoples vote in the next election and at the cost of other's health!  Here's another tidbit of information for you on those legal medical grow ops in BC, there are over 10,000 licences to grow the stuff!  And did you know, that if a house is sold that had a legal medical grow op in it, it DOES NOT have to be disclosed to the buyer!  Here's just one link to a problem that will continue even if it ever was legalized , because the money is to good, why the hell would the dope grower stop growing it.

For those that say marihuana use does not lead to harder drugs are also out to lunch.  As the effects become more normal to them, they seek out something that gives them a better high, and that can come in the form of some hard core drug use. That or maybe just lace the joint with a little cocaine, sure, that's nice!  Marihuana is a depressant, as is alcohol, so those that use the excuse "I'm stressed out man, it makes me chill out!" should seek some serious psychological help instead, it'll go allot further than burning your brain out on the crap.  Ya, I'm prejudiced because I was a cop for so many years, but I also saw the effects of the stuff, something many of you out there didn't, and then there are the naive ones who don't think at all.  Its bad s*&t, and it should never be legalized.  Something strange about the webpage I got Emery's picture from, Justin Trudeau's is plastered all over it as well, what's up with that!  They don't look related!

I guess if you think the above photo's are normal than the one below is OK too, get some help!!

 Here's a recent joke going around, sent in by one of  the readers on this site:

Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau attended the Assembly of First Nations
annual summer meeting in Whitehorse.
Trudeau said he wasn’t there to speak to the chiefs but to listen.
Then he spoke for almost two hours on his success in bringing the Liberal
Party back into the hearts of the Canadian people and how he was going to
legalize marijuana and the many ways that he was going to help the First
At the conclusion of his speech, the crowd cheered wildly and then the head of
The First Nations band presented him with A plaque inscribed with his new
Indian name - Walking Eagle.

A very proud and pleased Justin then departed in his motorcade, waving to
the crowds..

A news reporter from CBC later asked one of the Indians how they came to
select the new name given to Justin Trudeau .
They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird that is so full of shit
that it can no longer fly.