Downrigger Clips

 I know this is a pretty basic thing to learn or know how to use BUT, I've seen realllllllllllll experienced guys screw up on how they put their line in the rigger clips!  This isn't a lengthy topic but one worth of mentioning because I learned it the hard way, by loosing expensive gear.  Its simple, just make sure your line in the clip is at a 90 degree angle when its in, and that there aren't a bunch of "line twists" at the top of the clip when you put it down.  Many times that you put the line in and then start to lower it the rigger clip will spin around, and then spin your line around at the same time.  What this does is put a helluva strain on that line right where its twisted, and over a period of time if you keep clipping it in the same spot, it will weaken and break.  This is more of a "lazy" factor than anything else, you get it all hooked up and as its going down it twists and you go "it'll be fine!" and that's OK if its your gear you want to  lose, but not your buddies.  Very simple to fix, takes very little time, just do it right and it will eliminate those frustrating trips when you are lucky enough to get into that big fish.  When you get the line back minus the hardware you'll have no one to blame but yourself!!

Don't clip it like the line below!!