Downrigger Wires

During the creation of my Drowning Man's Butt Plug I came across the need for a chunk of small cable to attach to the plug and, while looking around also discovered that my rigger wire needed some replacing.  The amount I cut off the "ball end" was just right for the plug, and stainless steel to boot!  For those of you that use your rigger's as much as I do, one season of fishing can make some ugly kinks in that line and eventually it will shred, and there's nothing worse than getting stuck with those tiny shards of wire when your rigging your balls up!!  Its quick and simple to fix it up, just make sure you have some of those small wire crimps that Scotty puts out for just such a fix, get a pack of the double wire and single wire crimps.  I cut my wire off right above where I always attach the clip, that's usually where the most where occurs.  You actually won't even notice it until you do take the wire off or its slack, and then it'll all twist up, that's the beginning of the end for the wire and there's nothing worse than making field repairs on this stuff.  I always carry extra crimps and wire cutters with me just in case!  The photos below show what the wire looked like before and after and how I crimp my stuff.  I also put a small piece of electrical tape on the tag end of the wire just so there's no sharp pieces to stick myself on after its cut.  Quick and simple, and with wire left over for the DMBP!!!!

Shouldn't look like this!!Double crimp first and then a single.This is how it should look!