Fish Measuring Board

One of the big reasons I like to get out and meet other anglers isn't always about how or where to catch the fish, that's secondary.  Firstly its just nice to meet new anglers and second, to discover new ideas that other anglers can use out on the lake!  At our recent derby on Okanagan Lake I met Jim Rice for the first time and during the course of our BS'ing he brought out a nifty fish measuring board.   Jim actually gave the credit to his buddy Tom for the idea, how's that for an honest angler!  Its simple and its accurate, no more guessing how long that fish is, especially for these kinds of derbies.

All it is is a piece of plastic ABS pipe that's had a end cap glued on one end and then the entire pipe cut in half.  On the opposite end of the closed end a handle was cut into the pipe so it doesn't slip out of your hand when measuring a fish that's still in the water.  Its light and can be stored just about anywhere and a shorter version could be made if needed.  One of those measuring sticky tapes is applied to the inside of it and there it is!  Slip the fish's head up to the closed end and measure it right at the fork of the tail, you can't get any more accurate than that!  Thanks for the "pose" Jim!