Fuel Valve

I keep an eye on the Harbercraft website and other boat stuff sites and, do actually pick up some interesting tidbits some times.  The latest one and one that may have some merit to it relates to those boaters who have their kicker plumbed right into their main tank rather than having a separate gas tank on board.  It was mentioned that if you did not have a separate fuel valve/shutoff between your kicker and the main tank, this is assuming you have plumbed your gas line into the main motor gas line rather than right from the fuel tank, that you can actually cause a lean burning condition in your big motor when its running at speed.  The reason for this is, if the big motor is sucking fuel out of the main tank, it is also sucking fuel and/or air through that kicker line, via the carb on the kicker!  I've never given it much thought and have had 3 boats all plumbed into the main line without a fuel valve and have had no problems but, this "thinking" does make sense!  Even if it isn't causing a lean condition (and it may only affect carbureted motors rather than fuel injected ones) I would have to wonder what it is doing to the carb on the kicker if in fact it sucks the gas out of the fuel bowl and leaves it dry!  I do know that on other motors such a condition would dry out gaskets or diaphragms and eventually lead to big troubles on the water.  With all that said, a quick trip to my local NAPA and a small fuel valve was picked up and installed as shown in the pic.  Cheap insurance for both motors and with the price of them well worth the effort!!