How To Find A  New Fishing Partner!


Without a doubt, the hardest working and most tireless member of any fishing crew just happens to be your best fishing partner, your kicker!  I just recently retired  one of my best fishing partners I've had over my fishing career, and it was tough to let her go!  The 2004 Yamaha F8 had 4400 hours on her when the hour meter quit and I'm guessing I put another 300-500 on after that, and it just kept ticking.  While the fish may be somewhat elusive some days, the weather unpredictable, we should be able to ALWAYS rely on our kicker to get us into the game.  As you can see from this , I looked after my fishing partner but, I don't care for smokers and she was starting to take up the bad habit, so she was gone!  The buyer was fully aware of her nasty habit but, with a little TLC she could be reformed to become a non-smoker again, but for me, the expense was not worth it.  Long story short is I "gave" the motor away, taking much less than I would have got if I were a scam artist or something on that line.  Funny thing is that less than a week later my motor showed up on numerous website's, advertised for sale and in excellent condition!  The stories I got about the motor from the "buyers" was that they in fact did repair it, and now were asking a much higher price than what they paid for it.  Tell you what, if someone buys that motor and it smokes, let me know and I'll go to Small Claims Court with you, unbelievable. 

OK, so, now I'm on the hunt for a new fishing partner, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy!  Sure, if  your one of those anglers that is still working or has bottomless pockets your choice and price of a new partner is no problem, just go buy it!  For me, I just can't see past that paying full price for anything, and unfortunately that can sometimes be a downfall, sometimes.  There are plenty of sites out there that advertise fishing partners (no, not in the personal columns!!!), Castanet, Kijiji, Craigs list just to name a few.  You can also just type in what your looking for and it'll come up with hundreds if not thousands of places to drop your hard earned cash.

Me, being the thrifty, not cheap, consumer, probably went through over a 1000 ads and during that process put in at least 15 offers on motors.  These motors ranged geographic wise all the way East from Saskatoon to the West Coast of Vancouver Isl..  Needless to say 99% of my offers fell on deaf ears and one evoked quite a war of words with a seller, but that's just part of the game.   The guy couldn't figure out why I would not want to pay full price for something I might be able to get for half price, what???  Like I said, if you've got money, all of this is moot, you just go and pick up the motor you want and your done, that's just to danged easy for me!  There are those that are afraid to make an offer to someone, for fear of being firebombed or something, and then there are those that just can't be bothered to dicker with someone else over a couple hundred bucks.  I guess the latter folks fall into the "to much money" category.   Hell, today I picked up a dime I saw on the sidewalk, does that make me cheap?

It costs you nothing to look at ads and to make offers, zero dollars, and you can save hundreds if not thousands sometimes.  To say "I don't have time for that!" again throws you into the "to much money" category, or maybe just plain lazy.  Pretty much everyone has access to or uses a computer, and the Internet is bloated with used fishing partners, with every flavor that you could imagine.  I just went into a local Marine shop yesterday and they have a "Chung King Wang Dong Flong" brand of motor that runs on propane, go figure! Although many of of favorite flavors such as Yamaha and Mercury are also made overseas, I'm guessing that the quality factor just might be a tad better than "Flong Dong's"!

I can tell you that if you can, narrow your search down to one or at most two brands, otherwise it will truly drive you nuts.  Not sure which brand??  Internet, it'll tell you things that your buddy won't, especially if he has a particular brand that he deems the best.  For me, it was Yamaha or Mercury, and it had to be a 4 stroke.  I looked at a ton of Merc's, and put in quite a few offers on them but, in the end, the Yamaha wound up on the stern of the Harbercraft.  I've never owned a Merc but, after allot of research on the "net" and talking to fellow anglers, my choice quickly narrowed down to the one brand, and that made it even tougher to find something.  When I see Merc videos on You Tube with a expert angler showing you the secret to start a electric start motor, first having to push this in, turn the handle 3 times like this, pull that out, sing God Bless America and juggle a ball on your foot and then flip the switch, I think I'll find something else.  Don't get me wrong (like I know many will!), Merc makes quality products, but with me getting a manual start outboard I certainly don't need to be pulling my back out every time I want to flash her up!

If you are searching, you have to keep on top of it not just every day, but if you can, every couple hours.  Ya, I can hear the worker bee's now, "I'm at work, your retired, I don't have time to do that!".  Ya, right, don't tell me your not surfing the Net or answering your smart phone for personal calls while your working, not!  I missed several screaming deals simply because I was a couple hours late, and they were screaming deals.  Its not that the people selling their stuff are stupid, it could be that they must get rid of it, have to get rid of it, got a good price on it themselves, or its stolen!!  The last item must be taken seriously because you could wind up losing what you just bought.   Put it this way, if your getting a $3000 motor for $500 and its like brand new............nahhhhhh, better stay away from that.

What price you decide on is up to you, and your pocket book.  If you fall into the "thrifty" category like me, I can be pretty cheap sometimes but, with legitimate reasons.  Here's a real simple example: For Sale, 2006 Yamaha, Electric Start, High Thrust with only 10 hours on it, $2500.   OK, first of all the motor new can be bought for $2800 in the States, yup, found that on the Net.  Sure, warranty is not transferable to Canada but hey, its a Yamaha!  Locally your looking at $3200-3400, plus tax of course.  The other factor, how do you know it has 10 hours on it when its 7 years old!  I know, we all want to believe the seller's in what they are telling us but, that's allot of years of a motor sitting around with nothing going on, and problems such as dried up seals or gaskets can result.  A quick search of the Net reveals that there are not tons of this specific kinda motor around but a pretty good selection, some with prices as low as $2500 for a 2011 Yamaha with Power Trim/Tilt, Electric Start, High Thrust, but, it was used by a guiding company.  That could mean lots of hours but really, even a guide may put on 500-800 hours on the kicker a year so there still aren't a ton of hours on this unit, and being used on a regular basis can be a good thing.

The bottom line is, what are you willing to pay for a used motor in comparison to something brand new, and what is brand new to you.  The motor I just bought is a 9.9HP 2012 with a factual 10 hours on it and I saved well over a grand in the process!  Sure its plain Jane, manual start (1/4 pull when warm, 2 when cold), has a long shaft, I have to tilt it myself but, it runs like a top and will no doubt be good for another 5000 hours!  Factor in what I got paid for my old motor and this new one came pretty cheap.  I am lucky though, that I do not have one of those extended platform transoms, like so many boats do nowadays.  You pretty much need the "power everything" for those style of boats as the kicker motor is not as accessible as it is on my boat.  I still like to stand at the back of the boat when netting a fish and have total control of steering, power, speed and gears, all with one hand.

Internet, it's the only way to go, buying or selling, but you have to keep on top of it when buying.  Some motors I looked at went for their full asking price simply because they were priced properly. My old motor sold in under an hour, but is now still being advertised for sale at the new price.  Don't leave marine dealers out of the equation either, although they would sometimes be the last place I'd buy something, kinda like car dealerships, RV dealerships, you get the gist.  I don't mind throwing a plug in for Jones Boy's over on Kootenay Lake, Calvin was great there and did have some motors I missed out on that were a good price.  If your a Merc fan give Kevin a call at Gibbons Motor Toys, he just had a used 9.9 HP Merc , electric start go through his shop that was going up for sale. There was also a brand new 9.9 Merc for sale down in Chilliwack on Kijiji, asking $2200, lots of deals.  I left out the Two Stroke vs Four Stroke factor, the Two's are cheaper and, pretty much smokeless with the newer ones.  Gas/oil mixes at 100 to 1 make for pretty clean burning motors but, I still prefer the Four's.  Why do you thing I had a four stroke Yamaha Turbo Nytro!

Hey, if you can buy new than more power to you, full warranty and no worries for years and years (if you get the extended warranty) but, there are those of us out there that can't always go that route, so we become fishing partner hunters, and, there are some good, and lots of bad ones out there, so good luck to ya!  If you have any questions during your hunt, drop me a line and I'll do what I can to help you out, minus any liability of course!