Jet Divers

I had someone email me about Jet Divers or similar devices designed to get your lure down without having riggers or big weights on the line.  I have tried most of the hardware in this area, Pink Ladys, Dipsy Divers, Jet Divers etc. etc. and yes, they do all get your stuff down there but, I still don't like having the extra stuff on the line!  I know Charlie Wray on Fishful Thinking uses them quite a bit and seems to do really well with them while me on the other hand have yet to get a fish on using any of them!  Personal choice though would be the Jet Diver, small, very little drag on the line but, without actually having a fish on I have no idea what they'd be like to reel in.  The other devices have a release mechanism that allows the "diver" to straighten out and may have less drag to them when reeled in, fish on or not.  I guess it all boils down to what works well for you, for now I'm still experimenting with the jet divers simply because they are so compact and I'm guessing that with a have decent fish on the drag would be quite minimal, if I find out you'll find out!!!