Line Spooler Thingy

A pretty simple "thingy" reely, but worth a mention.  On my last fishing trip I was a wee bit bored in the boat and rather than respooling one of my reels at home or on shore did it in the boat.  The only item needed was a cordless drill and a couple of empty line spools and your good to go!  I know, your gonna say, just pull all the line off and then wind the new stuff on blah blah.  That works but, I reuse the "good" line from the line I take off the reel so want it back on a spool.  How many times do you throw on 200 yds or so of new line, change it in say 2-3 years and toss it all out.  I'd bet that you don't actually use more than 100 yds or so of it during the years and that last 50-100 yds still on the reel is like new!  As long as the line hasn't been exposed to sun or heat there's nothing wrong with it and, it makes for good leader material.  My part for the environment by recycling!  The rest of the old line?  I save mine up in a bag and when I hit a sports shop that recycles it drop it off there.