Lock It Or Lose It!


During some recent repairs to my kicker, in order to get my kicker off of the transom I was required to "unlock" the theft prevention device that was in place.  I 'm sure most of you have either seen these or have on yourself, mine was a product from Fulton and has served me well over the years.  However, it would appear that my lack of maintenance on this item led me to find a BFH and coal chisel, along with penetrating spray and a propane torch!

What happened was quite simple, the entire mechanism was totally rusted out, which in turn rusted it in?????  Well, rusted together, how's that.  I tried the key first, it wouldn't even turn, so did the spray and heating trick.  It still wouldn't turn so I put a wrench onto the key and it then turned, but just in circles without opening the lock.

My only alternative after the failed first attempt was the BFH and coal chisel which also took some muscle to crack things loose.  I guess the good thing is that it would have been all but impossible for some thief to have stolen my motor!



Move ahead a couple weeks, after I finally received my OB motor parts from somewhere in northern China, delivered via donkey cart with no driver, and I installed the motor back onto my boat transom.  I picked up another motor lock but this time did a little research via the Internet and went with something that is so simple................................that's its simple!   Master Lock, a name we all recognize, makes a motor lock which is simply a piece of boxed channel steel that slides over your kickers clamp screws and then has a padlock on one end to lock it up!

Its a very simple system and obviously designed for us simple anglers, but that's a good thing.  The Fulton I had was taken off every few years and given a shot of oil or paint but that obviously didn't work.  With this lock, there's nothing really to go wrong other than the padlock, which is made of brass rather than steel, or if you lose one of the two keys that are provided.  Don't keep the keys together!




These kinds of locks can be found at most Marine places or stores such as Crappy Tire.  For a crummy $30.00 you can save yourself alot of grief by not having to pay that $1000 deductible should someone steal your motor.  FYI with this system, the padlock is upside down in the lock to make it easier to access the key hole.  This position also make the lock more susceptible to having water or other debris go into the lock and ruin it.  The instructions mention to put a piece of waterproof tape over the key hole but what I did was, shoot the lock full of WD40 and then cover the keyhole with silicone.  No, the silicon won't go into the keyway because its full of WD40 and will not stick to this area.  But, it will stick to the outer areas of the lock that don't have WD40 on them and therefore makes a nifty little "cap" over the keyway!