New Boat Launches!

As you can tell I don't get out allot so when I come across something that's new to me I like to share it with others, especially when it comes to fishing stuff!  The Mrs. and I did a trip over to Shelter Bay on Arrow Lake (for those who don't know where it is) and low and behold they now have one big ass fancy boat launch AND boat trailer parking area, kudos to them, very nice job!  The water is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy low on Arrow right now, its one of the longest backing up stretches you'll probably do.  They did make a much bigger parking pad near the bottom of the ramp, it looks like it was supposed to allow you to drive straight down and then turn around in the spot.  However, short of having a very short boat and very short trailer, I think I'd just be backing down from the top like usual. They also put in place some huge log booms to keep the wind and wave action down near the launch, all similar to the McDonald Crk launch.   Here's a couple pics:

Also, there is a new boat launch in Sicamous, over in Old Towne Bay.  They've been talking about it for some time and although it isn't totally done (no dock as yet and parking area as yet) it is still very useable.  Its only a 3 place launch but if anglers would learn how to back up properly there will be lots of room.  It is based on the same style as over on Arrow, with the angled corrugated cement surface for traction and it goes a long way into the lake, so it'll be great for low water conditions.  I'm actually surprised that Fisheries allowed them to put such a ramp into this area, it is one of the largest lake trout spawning areas in all of Shuswap Lake, which is one of the reasons the original Twin Anchors development years ago was quashed and they were fined in Court.  In any event, another launch is a welcome thing in this town, something we've needed for a long time. I'm guessing they'll get the dock in before the zoo of summer hits us, here's a pic: