Nice Clean Windows!

Although I should do it more often, I don't, clean the windows on the boat.  With a open boat such as I have I don't find it that necesary to continually clean the windows, not like on the 24' Trophy I used to have.  However, they do collect quite a bit of dirt and grime, even from the short hauls I make to the boat launch.  Throw in boat cover yukkk, pollution and pollen and pretty soon they look just plain ugly.

Thanks to the Mrs. and the time she spends on the Internet, she came up with possibly the best window cleaning solution I've ever used!  The mixture is cheap and environment friendly, and it doesn't get much simpler:

1 cup of rubbing alcohol

1 cup of water

2 tbsp of vinegar

That's it!  Put it in your standard spray bottle and Bob's your uncle, this stuff really cleans!  And, the other good part, no streaks or smears, nothing, you just have super clean glass.  I also throw on a coating of RainX when I'm done, this stuff makes the water bead right off.  Also, if your a heavy breather in colder weather RainX also makes a anti-fog solution which works really well on the inside of the glass.  Thanks Mrs. Sherman!