No News Is Good News??

 We always wonder why, or at least I do, why people don't want to get involved with "stuff", such as developments on lakes and things.  I've always tried to stick up for the underdogs and the fish, but there are times when one has to stop and think, "why the hell do I even try!", because it does get tedious at times.  I started out this particular piece some time ago however my own "stuff" cropped up and has prevented me from putting my thoughts to the keys, which may have been a good thing as I would not have been as focused as I should be.  I've always said that it doesn't hurt to express your opinion, critical or not, as long as its constructive.

A little while ago I finally got an answer/reply to my letters I had sent in to the Ministry of Environment concerning the big waterfront developments we have going on here in little 'ol Sicamous.  I started my quest back in 2007, expressing my concern that these developments were being built right over existing spawning grounds and adjacent to large spawning rivers or creeks.  These concerns were all covered in my rant called "When Progress Actually Means Going Backwards!".  I waited, and waited, and waited some more for an answer, I never got one.  So, I finally sent a rebuttal letter to MOE asking what the hell happened to my letter and what's happening with the developments.  The letters I have attached explain everything and is nothing unusual for the political mess that we are in.  My letter was lost!  Plain and as simple as that.  Its not like it was a small letter, it had to be 2" thick with all the maps and stuff I sent along, but lost regardless.

The bottom line is this, you cannot give up!  There comes a time when one does have to stand up for yourself, or a friend, or even the fish.  One can only imagine the mess our world would be in if we did not have all those dedicated volunteers (and some paid!) that stand up for our rights in many of our outdoor activities, day after day after day.  I honestly don't know how they do it, but they do, and my hat is off to them.  An example of "giving up" is a recent uprising our little town had concerning fireworks here in town.  I went to several meetings and expressed my "retired professional" opinion concerning these explosives, and for a half second I thought we almost won to have them totally banned!  In fact, it was voted to have them banned but, low and behold, 3-4 meetings later minds and opinions were changed and fireworks were back!  I was extremely disgruntled by our "legal/political" system that brought about this change of opinion, and I gave up on it.  Why beat my head against the wall when the powers to be are going to do what they want in the end anyways.  Well, its been awhile since all that fireworks stuff and we've had a new Mayor and some council members taking over things and you know something, those fireworks just might still be banned! 

My point here is that the same relates for many things we fight or struggle for, in this "save the fish" incident I figured all was lost, simply because the big buck developers had more clout than I did.  I find out now however, that internal strife may destroy one development while the other in question is suffering from the economy and may go belly up!  Not to mention of course that DFO said the developments were intrusions on the fish habitat and were destructive!   Anyways, the letter I received back from MOE is attached, as is my reply.  We can only hope that more common sense is used in the future when it comes to our waters and our fisheries.

Copy of letter received from MOE    -   Page 2

Copy of letter I sent back to MOE