Now Lets Make This Perfectly Clear!


Once in a while a product cross's my shop bench that actually works, and I like to pass it on to other's.   The "trial and error" process cost's money (sometimes alot of money!) and can be very time consuming and frustrating.  I hope I take some of this away by spending my hard earned pension and using my retirement time to help you out!  The wife has been after me (as usual!) to do something with her car's headlights, they've gotten to the point where you can hardly see through the cheap "once clear" plastic lenses.  I've tried a ton of products to try and get these cleaned up rather than putting out hundreds of dollars for new headlights and I finally found something that works, here it is.

Meguiar's make many products and I've used most of them, except for this one.   It's pricey in comparison to others but you can get it at Crappy Tire when its on sale for $27.00.  Its a simple process, especially if you stick to the instructions, and takes 15-20 minutes per headlight and the results are astonishing!

I unfortunately did not take pictures of the car headlights prior to me "fixing" them as I didn't figure I'd be doing a write-up on it however, the results made it writeable.  I also did the driving lights on my truck and did get a picture before and after and the car headlights were pretty much the same shape as the faded driving lights were.

Here's the driving light before (photo) and the same light after, (photo), and the other driving light after, (photo).  The pictures don't do the finished produce justice, it was literally night and day, especially with the car lights.  I know, you could just buy some of the wet sandpaper that's in the kit and buy the polishing brush for the drill and MAYBE find the compounds they use and it could all come out cheaper but, I didn't!  There is probably enough material in the kit to do 3 vehicles, maybe even more depending on how bad your lights are.  I did 3 passes with the rubbing compound/drill stuff and the haze was gone but of course the plastic is still pitted, nothing will remove that.  Give it a try, beats all the other stuff I've wasted money on!