Of Fishing Reports & BS!!

I figured it was time to let go another "rant" of mine, and apparently of some other angler's as well!  Fishing reports, I've been doing them now for................6 years, and have enjoyed the POSITIVE response I get from my reader's on them.  There are those however, who would appear to be far better fisherpersons than I and would rather complain about fishing reports rather than use them for what they were intended.  And what is that you of course ask????  Merely a guide, that's it.  Not proof positive info written in stone that works every time, or the rantings of a fanatical fisherman who just loves to go fishing, just a GUIDE!!!!

I have even read articles from some big name fisherman who deplore fishing reports, stating such things as "they aren't even as good as the day they are written" or "why would anyone bother believing someone who is in the business of taking your money for fishing!" and on and on.  I have found in my limited 45 year experience of fishing that reports, either verbal or written, have been an enormous aid in my quest to catch fish, not all the time of course, but some of the time.  There is no better knowledge you can obtain, especially on a new lake, than from someone who fishes it on a regular basis and, above all, is honest.  How do you decipher if someone is honest??  You can't, and I guess that's where some dissention comes in with regards to my reports.  I had one fella email and state "how can you always catch fish, that's bull!!".  Well, I don't always catch fish and in fact get skunked as much as the next guy so, I suggested to this fella he keep up with my reports and he would indeed see that I report my skunked days, as do the other contributors to my fishing reports!  While I hardly have to defend myself in what or if I catch anything, its important to let those unbeliever's know exactly what a fishing report is, as they would appear to be having problems with the concept of it all!

I would be the first to agree that any fishing report has to be taken with a grain or two of salt, because I too have used others advice at times and come up short on the fish they said they caught, but, if the report is from a reliable source than its obviously more than just the hook, speed or spot that  got them into fish, its that right time right place factor that no on can figure out!   Another "problem" I, or they, the grumblers, have brought up is just how big that fish is in the picture!!  I'm the first to admit that guesstimating fish size can be a bit difficult sometimes, and that's with the fish in hand!  Now, when someone sends me a pic of a fish and tell me the size, I have found it to be easier on my website server to just say, "nice fish", or "biggey", or something that may refer to it as a pretty good sized fish.  It would appear when I've posted some sizes in the past the words "liar" or " where the f#@! did you come up with that weight!" or something of a similar nature has been sent my way.  These people are of course blocked from sending future mail but whatever, it would appear another explanation is needed for these fish challenged folks!  Here, let me give you a visual reference to make it easier, which fish pictured below is 14 lbs???

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