Oil Filters

Now that I've gone environmentally friendly by going to four stroke outboards, I have discovered, that like all products stamped "Marine", they rip you a new one every time you go to buy something!  What I have found, after getting ripped to the point of needing surgery, is that there are indeed aftermarket products out there that work just as well, contrary to what the dealer/parts guy may tell you.  I did some searching on the I-Boat Marine website down in the States and discovered that there is a aftermarket filter for the big Yamaha outboards!  I took the part number off the website and took it into my local NAPA dealer and was told "Oh ya, we can get those, they're made by Wix."  So, a half dozen were ordered in order to keep us local Yammy owners happy and cost came out to $12 each, instead of the $28 and one shop $32 that they wanted!  The world wide Web is your friend, use it!  NAPA # 18-7906 is the replacement for the stock filter and says it also fits the F200/F225.