The One Man Boat Launcher!

I couldn't think of a better name for it and this is again one of those "no brainer" idea's I occasionally come up with!  As goofy as it may seem, it works like a hot damn when your having to launch your boat yourself and have no dock present.  I've tried the "hang the rope outta the window with it attached to the boat" trick, you then back the boat out, let it launch and jump outta the truck and pull like a bugger to get it to shore before it pulls you into the lake!

With this system, that cost's pretty much nothing, all you need is an extra bow clip and a piece of anchor rope, the stretchy stuff preferable.  When you look at the pic below it'll all be very clear how simple it is.  Attach that extra piece of rope to the bow strap that's on your trailer.  You'll have to experiment a bit to figure out just how much rope or bow strap you should leave loose.  When its figured out properly, you back up slowly, let the boat float off the trailer rather than fly off.  Then pull ahead slowly with the truck until you see the boat has taken up all the slack in the rope and the strap.  When measured properly, the boat will wind up "stuck" right between the trailer bunks and can't go anywhere.

I have 8' of rope and then about 2' of bow strap.  I suppose you could use all rope but, I found there was to much stretch in a lengthy rope and I had less control when it "sprang" back.  Don't use just the strap because there's no give in it and its a pain to crank it all the way back in.  Once the boat is nestled nicely between the bunks I just drive the truck forward until the trailer is half out of the water and then, using the attached rope, walk along the trailer to the boat!  If the water is deep enough you could actually drive until the bow of the boat is practically on shore!  Give it a try, its pretty simple once you get it rigged up.....