Power Handle For Abu Reels


In the last few years I've treated myself to a couple of Abu Garcia reels.  Although a bit pricey for this angler I have found that their action and "feel" were worth the price.  I bought the levelwind bait cast type reel and while I liked them very much there was one thing that drove me and my clumsy fingers nuts, the skimpy double handled arm on them!  For whatever reason, I found that when I was bringing in a fish that was a scraper and you were reeling hard to take up line, I'd always "back peddle" with that kind of handle and would sometimes wind up loosing the fish!

Abu obviously had this figured out some time ago and came out with a new Power Handle that you could swap out that standard arm with.  The difference, for me, is night and day on how the reel works!  There is no more "back peddling" and with the longer reach on the arm its so much easier to have total control of whatever your bringing in. Ya, sure, some will say "well learn how to use the fricking reel properly" and blah blah whatever, its what works best for me and that's what matters.  There is no doubt that because my levelwind trolling reels have this type of handle on them that that is why I'm used to such an apparatus, and so bit it.  With a cost of 18 bucks in the States and 25 bucks up here they aren't all that cheap but, well worth the expense in this anglers books!