Remote Steering Arm For Kickers

Quick and simple, its just a galvanized piece of ready rod, threaded on both ends for adjustment and then a quick release coupler on both ends.  A small bracket with a "tit" is attached to the main motor and one on the kicker, the rod then goes in-between to join them up, steering via the wheel!!  You can buy them at Crappy Tire for about $35.00, stainless steel is more, but they are alot cheaper than say those made by EasySteer who want a couple hundred bucks.  I had a similar setup on the inboard I had on my Trophy, a bit more awkward to hook up but it was worth it!!  In rough water using this style of steering could also prevent someone from going overboard whilst they are hanging their butt over the stern trying to steer!  Another nice feature (for outboards) is that when you do get a fish on and want to steer from the rear, the rod easily pops off the kicker and then you can manually steer at the stern if so desired.