Scum Be Gone!


Sad thing about getting older is that one's memory really starts to suck!  I know I did a article on this before but do you think I can find it on my own website, no!!  Anyways, I ran into the same problem this year as in the past so will re-do my fine work of writting.

Scum.  No, not that dirtbag I used to arrest in the back alley's of Kelowna, but the scum/residue/hardwater stain that is common to boats that are in and out of the water allot.  No matter how much wax you put on your outboard or inboard leg, that danged scum keeps coming back and it can't be just washed away.  Relax, after numerous trial and errors with various hazardous contaminants and other products that would eat your skin away, I found the magic bullet to remove that crap!


Enter a product called "Bar Keepers Friend", something the wife, of course, found during her search of cleaning products.  For those of you that are old enough, you'll rmemeber Mom using a product called Comet, came in a dark green can.  Well, this stuff comes in either a powder or as we found in the States during our last trip, a liquid paste form.  It applies no different than putting wax on on and it leaves a nice bright shine that is all ready for another wax job.

Seeing is believeing, so when your in the mood to spruce up your ride again give this stuff a try, Crappy Tire sells it.