Seat Boxes

Another one of those no brainer upgrades a guy can do to his boat but never gets around to it.  As with most anglers and their boats, there's just never enough room to store all the junk we take along.  OK, junk is the wife's term but in the event she's looking over my shoulder I use it to appease her, works for me!  My boat came with the pedestal style seats which were OK, but all that area under the seat is wasted space, space where more junk could be hidden.  Now, about this time my Hewes Craft buddy owners are gonna say that their boats came with them and that's good, 'cause mine didn't!  Although a person could find something aftermarket for what I was looking for, this is one of those items that I wanted to match the boat, so, a call to Kevin at Harbercraft and I was fixed up with 2 fancy dancy boxes that I can store more stuff in than the wife could imagine me buying!  These are about as high a quality items as you can buy and the install of them was a snap, swivel base and everything.  So, if you need more storage area, like for hooks or something (now I have room for the other 4 tackle boxes I have!) , these babies are the way to go!