The Secret Behind Taking Good Pictures!


OK, so you see how I tricked you right off the bat, there is in fact no secret behind taking good pictures!  The last derby (2011) has led me to the laptop keys, again, to try and cast some light on how I "magically" take self portraits of myself all the time.  I guess my beef with "some" during the derby's is the lack of pictures or excuse that the pictures didn't turn out, for some unknown reason.  For those people with 2 or more anglers in the boat, absolutely no excuse for not having a good picture.

Don't have a camera?  Then buy one!  I don't want I Phone, I Pad, You Pad or Sanitary Pad pictures, just a simple picture off a simple digital camera.  When you consider you'll have a chance at winning a $300-$500 prize, I would think you would at least put the effort into providing a simple picture to moi!  Camera price's have hit rock bottom as far as price's, a camera I paid $400 for 6 years ago is now $100!  And, the best part about 99% of these camera's is, they are idiot proof!  Yes, even I can use them, so there's no reason's other's can't too.

I have heard the excuse that (for solo anglers) they have no place to set the camera on when taking their self portraits.  Quit your whining and go to Crappy tire and buy a clamp like this (photo) to attach your camera to.  Some of them will come with the screw to attach the camera while other's you may have to invent something on your own.  The clamp in the picture was attached to a car fan, so I took the clamp off and used it for my camera, cost, $5.00!

  The camera in the picture to the left is attached to the clamp which can then be attached to almost anything in the boat.  Depending on any background scenery you might want to get in the picture with you and your fish, you could even attach it (photo) to your landing net!  There is a myriad of different attachment methods, they even have one now that is "snake like" where the flexible shaft can wrap around things to hold the camera in place.

As far as what camera to buy, sky's the limit and depends on how much you want to spend.  The one in the picture to the left is ideal because the screen actually comes out of the body of the camera and reverse's, so when the camera is facing forward you can see on the screen what your shooting.  This (photo) camera is a little more awkward for taking pics as you have to try and look behind the camera to position it for the shot.  No biggey though, with HD pictures you can get the entire lake into the picture and then "crop" yourself and the fish out when you get home.

I don't think there is a camera out there now that does not come with a self timer built into it.  Don't know how to use it, then practice at home if you have to.  You can set the timer for up to 30 seconds on some cameras, more time than enough to get the fish in hand and have your victory smile in place before the flash goes off.  The flash, something Mr. Kimble is adamant about.  If you ever have any questions about good cameras and accessories send Dave some mail, he's the expert in this area as he's been taking quality pics for numerous magazines for many years.  The flash can bring out stuff you wouldn't see without it, especially colors.  Again, with the cameras I use that are idiot proof, the flash is set to Auto so the camera can "sense" if it needs it or not.

There are to many things that the new cameras are capable of doing and there's not much sense in me trying to go through it all, that's why the cameras come with manuals or you can go online to find stuff out.  The bottom line is, the taking of pictures, even by yourself in the boat, has never been easier.  A little practice at home and in the boat and you too can have top notch quality pictures of fish so that I won't have anything to complain about!  Xmas is coming up, treat yourself to a new camera and write it off as a family expense!