Slip Sliding Away!

This is maybe only my problem when launching a boat off a bunked trailer, but maybe others have encountered it as well.  It basically pertains to fishing all winter long and getting those below zero mornings that tend to "freeze" your boat hull to your trailer!

I've fish Shuswap Lake all year round, including those frozen boat days in January and February, where I'm waiting as long as 15 minutes for my boat to "release" from the icy grip of frozen carpet on trailer bunks.  No matter how much you rock the boat or try and apply power to release it from the trailer, all your doing is damage to the carpet on your bunks.  It took me a few years to finally solve the problem but then I'm slow in winter anyways so its the "better late than never" scenario in this case.

There are products on the market that are the same/similar to my solution but I've had the solution sitting in my garage for the last 5 years!  All it is is lengths of heavy corrugated plastic strips, the ones I have were used for loading and unloading my sled from the truck.  Ice cannot build up on them and they are impervious to water and snow, and slick as hell!  The ones they have in the store are only about 3" wide and and 12" long, whereas the product I have came in 8' lengths and I had them cut in half when I used them for my sled.

With my trailer I simply unloaded the boat for a days fishing, then parked the truck and screwed the lengths to the bunks, it doesn't get easier!  Come spring I'll do the same thing but then take them off and store them again.  I purchased mine from a plastics company in Salmon Arm that specializes in such product and while they aren't cheap ($40.00 a length) they will last forever and can perhaps be used for other "stuff" around the yard. 

Unloading the boat now is a "no wait" situation, no more floating boat and trailer combo for me, with the entire unit continually floating down stream at the launch!  Another thing I noticed with them on is that when loading the boat is that the boat "slides" onto the trailer much faster than it did with just the carpeted bunks, so be careful the first couple of times you try it.  Hey, it gives me an extra 15 minutes on the lake now by not having to wait anymore!