Slip Weights

This is kind of a no brainer blurb but, I'm guessing to those that have never used a slip weight before that this tip can save you alot of headaches!  When there's alot of junk in the water, such as leaves or weeds, your constantly having to reel in that lure you've got out, in order to clean the stuff off of it and that weight you've got 10-20' up the line from the lure.  Here's something reallllllllllllllll easy!  Rather than hook the weight so close to the lure, let out the amount of line you want to fish with, for me its usually 150-200', and then hook on the slip weight.  Now, if you want the lure to be right near the surface, put the rod into the holder and let out just enough line that the slip weight is a couple inches below the water.  Now, the weeds and junk will "usually" collect on that weight and not way back where you lure is.  Sure, if its weedy enough the lure can still get junk on it but, alot less, especially if you want the lure at or near the surface.  Also, for those who use downriggers, sometimes the rods we use are so long that they are bent in half when you want to run a lure up closer to the surface.  Do the same thing except maybe put a bit heavier slip weight on and put it down a bit further in the water if your not running it on the surface.  There is one thing about slip weights, to light of a line (braided especially!) and you can lose alot of weights, especially if a fish is jumping around behind the boat and "shaking" the line.  What happens is that the lighter line slips off from around those brass "eyes" and plop, there goes the weight!   Give this a try, you just might get into more fish and less weeds!