Soooooooooooooo, Now What?

I have to admit that after hearing and then reading about the Old Towne Bay development being charged by DFO, that there was a bit of a smirk on my face!  I don't have all the facts and the article (photo) didn't go into great detail other than charges are being pursued for destruction of habitat.  I also cannot say that it was in fact my letters to the Minister of Environment or to the Federal Fisheries Minister that got the ball rolling but whatever, the important thing is that the matter is being looked into.

I find it disgusting that our local District Council would even entertain such a project during one of their meetings, but then again, look at our fireworks problem we have in town!  I went to 3 meetings and at each one fireworks were regarded as hazardous and a disturbance to residents.  At each meeting it was "presumed" by those that fought to have them banned that from these meetings that is exactly what would happen.  Even after we elected a new mayor the feeling was still positive that we would be rid of the problem once and for all but guess what?  Absolutely nothing has changed, surprise!  We went from a vote of a total ban right back to absolutely squat, thanks District Council, really appreciate the support!  Anyways, I'm off topic here but it really fries my ass when the needs of the few out way the needs of the many, thank you Star Trek!

This exact same thing has happened with the developments going on in Sicamous, and Old Towne Bay is the prime example.  Another huge mega development on the shores of our pristine lake.  Just what we need, another 300 or so boats on the lake plus all the pollution and noise , ya, that's great!  And then, they put it right in one of the most prime fish spawning, bird habitat sanctuary kinda place that you can get, and our District Council approved this!  What the hell are they thinking!  I remember the wife and I going to a meeting about just this development and spoke to our then female Mayor who lied through her teeth about this project, saying that there were no proposed marinas there!  One quote she made to the public was "marinas are what we do.". 

I have had some positive feedback about what is now occurring but, also one person who actually felt sorry for the developers!  Boo hoo, now what are they gonna do, all that money they put out.  Hey, what about the destruction they've already caused and the more they were going to do, grab a Kleenex and wake up for god's sake!  I never even realized just what has been done already until I saw the picture in the press release, and just imagine how much more was going to be done, unbelievable!  I'll tell you what is or should be done, the local Council should have their shorts sued off, that's what should happen!  Ya, as usual, us taxpayers will bear the brunt of money lost but you know what, Council and that biologist (who has been relieved of duty!) should have known better, shame on them!  What should happen is the Province should step in and buy the property from the developers, minus any fines imposed and minus the money it would take to get this property back to what it should be and, turn it into a Provincial Park!  According to local lore the District actually had the opportunity to obtain this piece of property but turned it down, bright move!  They always squak about wanting to bring more tourists into town to help "support" the town, well, put a beautiful park there and even a campground and you'd have tourists coming, I guarantee you they would come, in droves!  The place would be packed every year but no, that's just not enough money for our greedy Council, they want to go big time and destroy all our valuable property!

Enough of a rant, I think you and the Council get the point.  These kinds of developments have to stop, its as simple as that.  And as mentioned, its not just the Old Towne Bay project, there's a ton of others.  Look at "Little Kosovo" up above Mara, what a mess, as well as other projects in town that have left bare land or half finished condos, its pathetic.  All of these impact on our environment, there has to be a better way.  I'm no tree hugger but, the critters that have been displaced by all of this construction on land and beside our waters is having a detrimental impact, and someone has to answer for it.  We'll see where the Old Towne Bay projects goes from here.  There is nothing to say that it has been totally quashed, we couldn't be that lucky.  It might just sit as an eyesore for years, who knows, all because of our local Council.  Looks like its time to run for Mayor!