The Spin Doctor

I have no doubt that those who have watched Daryl Chronzy on his fishing show have seen this little device, and how he raved about it for catching fish.  Now I have to admit that I haven't used this style of flasher that much but will be "testing" it a bit more this year as the flasher season hits the lakes.  What I do like about it is its ability to spin at just about any speed, especially with light spoons or hootchies behind it.  And it has a heck of a spin to it too!  I have found that the Hot Spots and similar flashers don't spin at all at slower speeds, and their shallow water operation without weights is non-existent.  I have let out a 100' of line with this flasher on it, hootchie behind, and it submerges very quickly and will rotate just below the surface!  The other flashers pop up out of the water or need to be taken to 40' or more before they even go under.  Quite a unique design with holes in it for adjusting how fast it spins etc., cost wise no more than the other brand names.  Always pays to have something a little different on board for those times when the regular stuff just ain't working!