Swim Grid

I've been shopping around for some time look for a proper swim grid for the boat.  For any of you that don't have one and have tried to take a dip in the middle of the lake and then try to get back in, you know how dangerous it can be to the "sensitive" regions of our bodies!  Many times I've preferred to just stop in some quiet little bay, away from the Dufus's, but not go on shore.  The swim grid is the perfect answer to add something to your boat that doesn't relate to fishing, keeps the wife verrrryy happy and the grand kids content!  No more do I have to rip poor Brett's little arms out of his sockets in reefing him back on board the boat!

I searched high and low for a grid that was decent looking, attached easily and had a decent ladder on it that even us long legged creatures could use with ease.  I've been all over the Internet in my quest for the magical grid but couldn't find anything that even came close to what I wanted, and I wasn't going to settle for 2nd best when sticking something on my boat that's gonna be there forever, or something that required drilling 26 holes in the hull to fasten it on.  That's when I saw Kevin's boat from Harbercraft and a new grid that they have just come out with.  I checked with Harbercraft a few years ago but it was pretty dismal as to what they offered at that time but, new faces there and huge changes and guess what, the grid I was looking for!  This one is actually welded to the hull itself, the only way to go, even though it may cost a bit more to get it put on.  They are also coming out with a bolt on version that will fit most boats.  The quality is top notch and it will be a much used piece of equipment on the boat.  Yes, I know Greg and Jim, your boats came with them, but they ain't this nice!