Thank You!


As the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end", so it goes with our guiding business.  It is with a heavy heart but great memories that we fold up the guiding end of our excellent adventure!  My wife, Helen, and I, just want to send out a big "thank you" to all those who made Reel Fishing Adventures such a successful business venture for us.  Without the continual support of  those who came out fishing with us AND those who frequent our web site, we would have had to folded up shop many years ago.

We have been doing the "guiding thing" for 7 years now and every year was always met with new challenges, but our new and return cliental ensured that we could carry on with and share the joy of fishing and our great outdoors.  For me personally, after completing 28 years in the RCMP and then another 7 years as a fishing guide, even my poor math computes that to 35 years of working without having a summer off!  Ya, I know, how can I possibly put fishing down as work on my resume but, it does in fact tie one up for "X" number of months out of the year.  Sure, its a blast to get out there and get paid for fishing however, there comes a time when a guy just wants to do his own thing!

For the "full timers" that showed up every year such as Mikey (my Blues Brother), Roger and son Austin and dad Art, Evan and son Sully and many others, you were not just clients for us but became great friends in the process as well, thank you for that.  We had a wide range of where anglers came from over the years, and although we were shy on the European crowd, we did cover most of North America for people.  Memorable folks like those from Hopkinsville Kentucky, South Africa, New York, NWT, Alaska and coast to coast Canada, will always give us "stuff" to think on and the laughs we had in the boat.

Our plan now is to keep our website up and running and still provide as much and as many fishing reports and pics as we can muster.  Along with that I'm hoping to do a few more story/articles and hope that all those who weren't clients but were web site followers will still "tune in" to what Reel Fishing Adventures is up to!  With any luck we can do a few more trips to other places in B.C. and provide info on new lakes and just what they have to offer.  I know that my past clients are going to be asking me for names of other guides that may be able to take them out now but, I must say that I am reluctant to do that. Nothing personal, but when someone busts their ass as we did to make a business a success as ours was, its hard to just "throw" all that time and effort to someone else who hasn't contributed anything to help us along!  My suggestion to those guides who would like some fantastic angler/clients to take out is to advertise with us and "go fishing" for my clients, like I had to do.  Thanks to all of you from Helen and I, it was a absolute blast!        Sherm   

The Captain and wifey with their new ride!  Anyone want to go ice fishing??


Cappy and wife Helen with their new ride!!