Tinny Bling! 


As I use the Alumacraft more and more, I find I need more and more "stuff" in it!  Like with any boat, big or small, there are some creature comforts that make sitting in a boat all day, just a little bit easier.  Here's a few new additions to "Just Bite Me!" :

1. Looks goofy, but there's nothing than a rattling oar to keep you on edge all day long!  Everyone has old socks, put one on and, also good for emergency shore stops!










 2. Looks goofy, but a chunk of ABS pipe makes a great handle extension!  The tinny gets up on step better when your in the middle seat rather than at the stern.








3. Every tinny needs an electric motor, I went with the Minn Kota 45 lb thrust Traxxis, has the Maximizer, battery gauge and it even tilts like a big motor!











4. I've been looking for some kind of bags to hold my tackle boxes, most of them take up space on the floor of the boat.  These saddlebags take up no room, and only $20 a piece!










5.  I've seen many tinny anglers akwardly seated at the stern, why not get a wee boat seat and be comfy up front, looking back at your rods!










6. Last, for now, but not least, a hand job Scotty downrigger on the starboard side.  I opted for the 1060 Depth King model that has a quick retrieve (2' per turn) spool on it.  I didn't see the need for a second electric downrigger as I usually have one deep line and then one shallow, and the 1060 is perfect for depths to say 50' or so.  Both of my downriggers sit on top of the optional 6" pedestal mount that Scotty offers, gets it the perfect height above the transom and are easy and quick to take on and off.