Trailer Bunk Replacement

 I suppose a guy could have taken a whole bunch of pics to show what is required to replace the bunks on your trailer but, I figured I'd give all of you more credit than that!  In short, its a no brainer to fix them up.


My bunks were 7 years old and the carpet material was all torn and the wood underneath also appeared to be well used.  It wasn't until I actually had the bunks off that I realized just how bad the wood was and my timing for replacing them couldn't have been better.  The wood was rotting very bad throughout the entire length of the bunk (2" x 6") and was so water logged I'm guessing that each bunk weighed at least 40 lbs!  That might not seem like much but new they may weigh only 10 lbs.

I pondered buying some ready made bunks but with prices ranging from $100 to $200 for them, I cheaped out and did up a set of my own.  A trip to the local building supply and I picked up two lengths of 10' treated 2 x 6 for $18.00.  I then went to End of the Roll carpet store and picked up a chunk of marine grade carpeting.  Although I paid $70.00 for this it wasn't just for the bunks, it was also for the floor in my camper for when I do my hunting trips.  So, the chunk for the bunks would have been about $30.  Bottom line is that $24 a bunk was a pretty good deal.

There's no secret to replacing the bunks, I did mine right in the driveway with a couple of good floor jacks.  With a jack at the stern and one up under the bow area I lifted the entire boat about an inch off the old bunks and then took one side off at a time, and replaced it before proceeding to the other side.  One other thing I discovered were just how many of the lag bolts were not even holding any more, due to the rotted wood.  I check these lags every year but this year, half of them could not be tightened anymore.

A couple of hints, you don't have to buy the carpet the full length of your bunk if you don't want to.  My bunks were 9' long so I needed a 10' long piece to cover them.  If you had to buy that 10' long piece you'd have alot of waste material left over, because the carpet is all 6' in width.  In my case because I was using the leftovers for the camper there was no waste.  If you use two pieces to cover you bunks just make sure you overlap them and fasten them well where they join.   The second thing is that if you don't have good floor jacks or feel uneasy about lifting the boat up while its on the trailer, then take it to the launch and dump it off!  Take all your tools with you to the launch and do it with the boat off, much easier and probably quicker.   It took me about 2 hours to do mine, cut that in half if your not lifting the boat up.  Now you know why I didn't take any pictures!               Sherm