Trailer Bunks

Hey, here's another no brainer for some of youse people that have so many problems loading their boats.  See the pic below, they are called trailer side bunks or whatever other name you might want to give to them BUT GET SOME!!  I realize it's tough some times to get that boat on straight, especially in a spot like we have at Sicamous, wind, current, can really screw with a guy when loading up BUT, GET SOME SIDE BUNKS!!  These things make loading..................a thousand times simpler, and that doesn't matter if its a big or even small boat.  It lines up the hull almost perfectly with the bunks or rollers underneath but if nothing else it can keep the boat from drifting off the trailer itself.  Mind you, if you'd only put the trailer in so far rather than drowning it sometimes that could make a difference too!  I'm by no means the resident expert with loading but when I see someone tying up the ramp for up to a half hour because they can't load the boat properly then its time they found a different hobby or got some lessons from someone!  Have a sit a the launch sometime and just watch people loading up and you can learn not only what to do but also and more importantly what not to do. Way to many domestics happening because of something that should be so simple, 'nuff said!!