Trailer Lights

Ya, I know, another no brainer but, not everyone is as smart at those that think they know everything!  A recent trip to Mable light "forced" me to buy some new lights for the boat trailer, boo hoo.  I lost one of the lenses from what I had and then found that I can't get replacements for them.  I had the old style which had a bulb incased inside a plastic bubble, sealed only by a small O ring.  With this setup it was inevitable that I'd be taking that bubble apart 3-4 times a year to clear the water out and replace the fuse it blew.  Yes, I unplug my trailer when I load/unload however, when you have  a couple ounces of water sloshing around it still shorts the bulb out once the trailer is plugged in.

So, a trip to NAPA (that's all we have in the big city!) and I picked up a LED light set, made by Grote.  They are one of the largest producers of safety equipment and these lights were the cats bum.   OK, I paid more than I could get something at Princess Auto however, remember that you get what you pay for.  I was going to cheap out and get that set on sale at Princess for $1.39 plus tax but I'm glad I didn't.  This set I did get fit right into the bracket that was already on the trailer, no drilling, nothing.  I just cut the wires, soldered the new wires to the appropriate ones and then put shrink tubing over that and also taped it.

If there's one thing that pisses me off is guys with trailers that the lights don't work on, especially if the boat is covering up their vehicle tail lights.  As well, you get into an accident and it can be proven that your lights weren't working or were inadequate, your the one that's going to be found at fault.  When you consider those lights will be on the trailer as long as you own it, why not get something decent for it.  These lights come with a 100,000 hour warranty on the LED's.  How do you prove that?  No idea but it gives some idea as to the quality.....