Water Test on the Harbercraft 1825 Falcon

Kevin Linkletter, Sales Manager at Harbercraft, gave me the opportunity to try out a new boat to their line-up, the Falcon.

The Falcon enters the marketplace to answer the angler's request for a "no frills" fishing boat.  I've talked to many anglers about my own personnel boat, a 1925XL Harbercraft, and while they were all impressed with it, they also said they didn't need the fancy schmancy stuff and just wanted a reliable, durable, safe and less expensive fishing boat.  The Falcon is that boat.

We took out the 1825 model which is in the accompanying pictures, but it also comes in the 1625 model.  Although it may be toted as a "no frills" boat, that doesn't mean it does not have what anglers require to have a great day out on the lake. Comfy seats, walkthrough windshield, rod storage, under seat storage, full top, 12 volt outlet, high contrast gauges located on a sports helm and dressed out with a sports steering wheel.  You can also add a ton of options to the boat if you want, such as side curtains and a rear drop curtain.  Need more storage?  Add a couple of  seats in the back for even more seating and more storage.

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