Wiring Harness Cleaner

Once again simpler is better.  Everyone hates wiring "stuff", and everyone hates trailer wiring especially.  There's nothing worse than thinking its just a bulb that's burnt out but then discover the problem is "somewhere" else, but who knows where!  One of the culprits can be that 4 wire trailer harness that is exposed to the elements every time we take it out.  It doesn't take long and corrosion sets in, giving you that greenish coloring on the male and female ends of the harness.  The big black plug in harness can suffer the same problem but not near so much as the inferior 4 wire one.

A quick and simple way to clean this 4 wire harness is with a electric drill and a 30 calibre rifle cleaning brush!  Put the brush into the drill, take the harness apart and brush away!  It doesn't take much to clean the fittings and you can do both sides of the harness.  I also use this same setup for the big black plug in as well.  One other thing I do with my fittings is put a dab of dielectric grease on the fittings, helps prevent some of the corrosion and keeps them nice and slick for sticking them together!