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In 2000 I was still working as a member with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, stationed in Enderby, B.C., with the North Okanagan Highway Patrol.  After 26 years of being with the Force I knew it was time to find something else a bit more enjoyable in life!  The wife and I were  driving by Shuswap Lake one day and I came up with the brain fart of "gee, it would sure be nice to be a fishing guide out there!"   And, so started the beginning of a new lifestyle and Reel Fishng Adventures.


Throughout 2000 I did alot of research on guiding and made a few enquiries with other guides.  With all my "ducks in a row" I then went on a boat search and in 2001 picked up my first guiding boat, a brand new 24' Bayliner Trophy, and started my first year of guiding.  This was the largest boat I had ever owned but I figured to "go big or go home" and, after several years of guiding I went home, to Sicamous.


I retired from the R.C.M.P. in 2002, at which time we started looking for something a little closer to my main "bread and butter" lake, Shuswap.  In 2004 we moved to Sicamous, right on the shores of Shuswap Lake and, I also changed up my boat, to a new Harbercraft 1925XL, and have never looked back.  As business picked up over the years I was extremely happy with the boat change, much nicer to get 6 mpg instead of 2!


In 2008 we made the decision to retire from the guiding business, unfortunate for us and for all those folks that we had made such good friends with over the years, but it was time.  With guiding rates already at what I felt was the maximum and with other costs going up, it just wasn't feasible to carry on with making $4.00 an hour!


The site however, is still going strong and we get more viewers every year.  As an example, in July 2010 this site had over 100,000 page hits in just the one month!  That's alot of viewing.  I will continue to strive to keep the content fresh and the lines open to anyone who has questions or opinions.  It is you the viewers that keep this site alive, without you it too would go the way of the Dodo bird.  Thank you for your patronage and your continued support in the years to come.


Sheldon Sherman

Reel Fishing Adventures